8 Healthy Hot Weather Vegetables To Grow In Your Garden This Summer


Since summer hatched out, the alteration of diet and clothes must be done already. But what about your tiny and cute gardening? Well, you have a list of plants that embrace heat as they love growing under the hot weather by ensuring the amount of love they get from the rays of the sun. So, if you are in dilemma about choosing the right kind of plants for your summer gardening, then the following plant list would be a timely help for you. Check them out!

CUCUMBERS: The ultimate summer veggie is cucumber which is loved throughout the hot days of the season. The plant grows to do great inconsistent soil moisture and with good fertility. So, you get fresh and amazing summer-friendly veggies with rich water content.

SWEET POTATOES: Sweet potato is also a summer plant with abundant production within a few days. It would be great to hear that this plant needs only a little cultivation at once for the vines to start spreading. All you have to do is to wait for the good and hot weather to turn around.

GREEN BEANS: The simplest and coolest choice ever could be green beans which are easy to grow and highly productive as well. You just gotta pick bush varieties for fast and steady production.

HOT CHILLI PEPPERS: Hot peppers are one of the best choices for this summer. Since the larger types of this plant grow slowly during the hot summer days, the smaller ones would come out with greater production. So, think about it!

EGGPLANT: Being the perfect hot-weather plant, eggplant comes in two types namely globe-shaped Mediterranean types and elongated Asian ones. All you gotta do is to choose anyone and guard them against flea beetles as it would affect the healthy growth of the plant.

OKRA: Embracing the heat and dry weather conditions, Okra or Ladies’ Fingers is known to be one of the most self-sufficient summer veggies. So, start harvesting the pods every other day to ensure quality and production.

CORN: Like cucumber, corn is one of the most-loved summer veggies as well. Due to its rich taste and low maintenance, people would grab it for sure. All you have to do is to keep an eye for worms and keep the corn well watered to get yum-yum sweet corns.

ZUCCHINI SQUASH: Known to be a summer and winter plant, Squash does its best during the warm weather. You gotta guard them with row covers till the plants start to bloom. Also, if you wrap the stem with the soil when they start maturing, it would defend them against squash vine borer damage.

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