Believe It! These 5 Foods Could Kill And Ruin Your SEX LIFE


Foods That Slow Down Your Sex Drive!

There are some foods that put down your sexual desires.

Get to know the types of foods that deflate your desires.

There is an existing link between food and sex for so many years. We might have come across several suggestions of foods that would increase your sex derive. The suggestions might be partly myth and partly science-based. However, sexual desires are under the control of libido which is known to be the sex drive originally. The testosterone present in both males and females is responsible for the human libido and stimulates your sex drive. However, it is said that the low level of testosterone indicates the lower level of sex. Well, there are foods that naturally slow down your sex drive. Let’s have a look at the foods that kill your sexual derive.

ALCOHOL: The Alcoholic era is all set to rock the life of the youngsters often. However, we might have come across several facts about alcohol being good for your health but still, there are some unknown facts about consuming alcohol. It might give you merriment the very moment you consume but then you might not be able to perform well on the bed. Researchers put forth that drinking alcohol could make you have an incantation on your sex life by means of reducing your testosterone and your sexual performances.

DIET SODA: Often, we would have heard those diet sodas are not good for health. But most of us would not stop drinking the artificial sweeteners which could cause several damages to your health. Specifically, sweeteners such as aspartame might affect the serotonin levels, which is a hormone that helps you to increase your mood. And that’s how eating and drinking artificial sweeteners would react negatively in your body.

BOTTLED WATER: There is ‘n’ number of reasons to avoid using the bottled water. Bisphenol A is generally referred to as BPA, which is known to be a chemical component found in several plastic food containers that could harm your body in many possible ways. So, when it comes to virility and fertility, the BPAs found in the plastic bottles are the largest and dangerous ones too. Further, a study found that the BPA concentration in men and women could reduce the production of sperms and eggs respectively. And this is why you are not allowed to eat or drink in a plastic container. But still, you could avoid using BPAs by selecting a reusable water bottle.

FRIED FOODS: If you eat fries with your partner, it would reduce both of your desires. The reason is because of the use of hydrogenated oils in fried food that leads to the reduction of testosterone levels.

CORNFLAKES: Oh yeah! Cornflakes are supposed to be one of the major consumption for most of the people these days. It is a bland, sugarless cereal that does not help in stimulation and it could repress the level of libido.

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