Get committed to your goals with Quikfill Goal by Quikrite


Everyone wants to achieve their goals; everyone wants to move ahead.  But one can’t achieve them by just dreaming about them. That is where Quikfill GOAL by Quikrite comes into the picture. It is your perfect companion when it comes to achieving goals. Thoughtfully designed page layouts offer you prompts that help you make the best of your day. With Quikfill GOAL, you can easily record and track your progress and be well on your way to achieving your goals, be it professional or personal, fitness or dietary.

It is well known that the best way to stay committed to your goals is to write them down. It will motivate you to take action, it will provide a filter for other opportunities, it will help you overcome resistance and it will enable you to see – and celebrate – your progress. The goal Quikfill comes with 65 goal pages, vertically perforated sheets, notes page at the end, smooth rounded corners, and raised UV printed logos. Quikfills are refills for your Quikrite and they are available in 9 distinct colour-coordinated outer cover and inner layouts, for ease of use and functionality. Goal Quikfill Price: Rs. 300/- Pack of 2

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