GUILT FREE Food That You Can Eat At The Night


You’ve been told to stop snacking at night because it causes weight gain but if you’re working late, love to munch at night – then just hold on there are 6 super snacks that you can eat at night! Sounds great right? Read on to find the snacks that are healthy.



Since it’s’ healthy, tasty and feels good snack but it’s also great for late snacking too! So stock up avocados so that you never have to go hungry again at night.

Hard-Boiled Egg


Eggs are full of protein, thus makes us feel full for longer. Don’t scramble them, as that will require at least 2-3 eggs, which could be too much. Hard boil egg, put it on toast and satisfy and healthy late-night treat.

Greek Yogurt


Yogurt can be really fatty and eaten just before bed it can cause weight gain. But the non-fat Greek kind is the opposite. A small tub of nonfat Greek yogurt contains just 150 calories at the most, and well as all that satisfying protein, it also contains a healthy serving of sleep-inducing tryptophan. Even better, Greek your has been found to soothe restless stomachs, ensuring that you wake up feeling ready to seize the day.

A Vegetable Sandwich


Staying up late night and you’re hungry – thinking of having a sandwich?! Instead of choosing cheese to go for the vegetable sandwich top it with hummus and YUM.



A perfect snack for any time of the day since they are tasty, juicy, healthy and easy to eat. All you need to do is rinse them under the tap and bite away. Want to make it more interesting slice into half and drizzle them in cream – this won’t add up to calories.

Organic Popcorn

It’s late, you’re watching a movie and you’ve got a serious case of the munchies. Instead of reaching for a big bucket of buttered popcorn, try the organic stuff instead.


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