How Many Calories You Burn When You Make Love and Have SEX?



Well, people might have the knowledge that indulging in sexual activities would assist you to burn calories. You do not wanna hit the gym and check out the calories you burned on the treadmill. But have you ever wondered about the calories you burned after the lovemaking session? Yes! It is not only helpful in burning calories but also good for you psychologically, emotionally and physically as well. Doesn’t that sound weird when it is possible to burn down your calories with the lovey-dovey act of stripping, pleasant kissing and lovable things during your sex? Just do know about the different ways of burning your calories.

When your lips meet up: Locking your lips might be the best ever feel and it not only reinforces your attachment but also helps you get some exercise. It is said that when you have a bouncing kiss along with fondling, there is a chance for you to burn down 90 calories. You could try kissing in a plank pose and push-ups that burn down 171 calories in half an hour.

Sexual Intercourse: Did you know a study reveals that women can burn 69 calories and men can burn 100 calories on an average by having sex? Yes! It is possible to burn down the calories by having sex and the number of calories you burn during sex differs from one lovemaking session to another and the positions you are involved in. It also varies from person to person and does wonders for the body. If you are seeking for high calorie-burning sex, then you should make it to last longer and hotter. When you change positions during sexual intercourse,  it would work as the best workout as well as enhances your sexual life.

LOVEY-DOVEY DANCE MOVES: A romantic dancing with your partner would be a great workout for your body in common. Well, it is suggested that a ballroom dance burns almost 219 calories in an hour it seems. However, it is scientifically proved that women would be aroused right after an aerobic exercise session. Even a romantic dance moves would make you go wild with a piece of soothing music and benefit you with the burning of calories.

RUB-DOWN: How about a good massaging session by your partner? A good massage could increase your heart rate up and helps to burn your body’s calories as well. When you rubdown your partner, you could get more benefits than your partner as you are the giver. However, studies suggest that massage could help to burn down 80 calories in an hour. When you go with slower and chasmic moves, it not only turns you sensual but also works variedly in muscles.

MAKING LOVE:  According to varies studies, a making out would help you to burn 230 calories every half an hour. When you have a making out session with your lovable partner, it would get you to breathe heavier and breakdown the calories. It is suggested that when your room is hotter and your making-out session sweatier, the more your body learns to burn.

Making Love Vs. Sex: When you have sex your primary motivation will be to get off and have an orgasm. On the contrary ‘Making love’ means the excitement you get in exploring your partner’s body and mind, not just because you want to have an orgasm, but you are trying to share a real intimate connection with your partner.

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