How To Stay Deeply Intimate Without Bodily Contact During Lockdown



Re-build your intimacy by recreating the pleasurable time you had as a new couple before!

Intimacy without intercourse is possible!

Physical contact might create a magical bond between couples. With steamy sexual intercourses, you would feel revitalizing. However, there come times where you would not feel like indulging in intercourses. You might have delivered a baby or healing issues or hesitating problems because of painful sex or your partner might be experiencing erectile dysfunction or experiencing health issues. But are you worrying about your dipping intimacy? Well, you do not wanna stress much on it, you could still water up to your intimacy without even indulging in sexual intercourse. But how? That’s what you are thinking right? You could enhance your intimacy through sensual ways. Howbeit, sex is not everything and intimacy not only comes with sexual intercourses but it’s about being together for each other. Here are a few for you to rebuild your intimacy without sexual intercourses.

RE-ENACT YOUR FIRST DATE: Do what you have done for your very first date! All you have to do is to recreate the exact feel with your partner as if you just met and now on a first date by holding each other’s hands and you could take your eyes off from each other. Just explore each other’s interests and try new things as if you were on the first date.

FEEL THE TOUCH: When it comes to a long-term relationship, you do not want to touch each other until both of you want sex. But you could touch your partner all throughout the day and have a cuddling session. It might be gentle kissing, hugs, nudging, running your fingers on his hair or beard or stroking his cheek or giving massages to each other. It could stimulate your feel erotically by knowing each other’s sensitive spots of the bodies. Later, express your likes and dislikes to each other.

HOLD EACH OTHER’S HANDS: Some of you might think there is nothing in holding hands but you are wrong. Holding each other’s hands is everything as it expresses much of love towards each other without even uttering a single lovable word. It is an actual act of love and intimacy that goes throughout your relationship and it lasts forever. This act would tell more about your relationship. Ever watched aged couple holding each other’s hand and walking alongside? It conveys to you more about the closeness of love.

INDULGE IN “OUTERCOURSE”: Intimacy without intercourse is possible now but how about obtaining orgasm without intercourse? Well, “outercourse” is possible with any form of sensual and sexual activity without the involvement of body fluid exchange.

KNOW WHAT INTIMACY IS BEYOND SEX: If you are in a relationship for the long term, then you might not have done more than having dinner together or watching a movie together. Just develop new interests as a couple again and involve in it together. It might be playing sports together, joining a couples-only book club, concerts or painting or trying something creative. This benefits your intimacy and triggers your brain to involve in many interesting conversations.

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