Incredible Health Benefits of ‘Walking Barefoot’ You Should Know


There are several benefits associated with walking barefoot.

Some of the health benefits walking in barefoot include increased antioxidants, reduced inflammation, increased circulation and improved sleep, according to the Journal of Environmental and Public Health.  While walking barefoot (also known as “Earthing”), you draw the negatively charged electron from the earth which improves your health according to studies.

According to reflexology and ancient science of acupuncture, there are pressures points all across the feet which are related to vital organs of the body. These pressure points get activated when we get in touch with small pebbles, grass straws, sticks, gravel, stumps and wet grass present on the ground.

Connected to Nature

Free reflexology session

Induces relaxation

Strengthens and stretches the muscles, tendons, and ligaments in your feet, ankles and calves.

Decrease anxiety and depression

Boosts sleep, including sleep apnea

Improve chronic muscles and joint pain and other types of pain

Improves Asthmatic and respiratory conditions

Calms your senses and rejuvenates mind

Boosts Alertness

Improves Blood pressure


Improves Eyesight

Immune system activity and response

Walking barefoot can be a valuable aspect of a healthy lifestyle. By walking barefoot you will have better posture by elongating your body and strengthening your spine. To start with a walk on a soft surface like grass, dirt or sand. When you go to beach walk barefoot – try it!

Cheers to Good Health!

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