Innumerable Health Benefits of Bottle Gourd Juice


The cooling and soothing properties of bottle gourd can be the best food for the summer. Popularly known as the summer-friendly veggie, bottle gourd is one of the hydrating veggies you could enjoy this summer. While the pale green veggie comes in various shapes, most people would not enjoy consuming it. However, the essential nutrients of the bottle gourd would make it an excellent ingredient for your body. Since some might have gulped the bitter gourd juice for its rich benefits and some would not have done it, bottle gourd juice is not as bitter as bitter gourd juice and it could be consumed just like that. So, let’s check out the innumerable health benefits of bottle gourd juice.


Being a rich source of vitamins, iron, and potassium, the bottle gourd juice is highly beneficial in melting down the weight of your body when you regularly consume the drink.


The high water and fibre content of the veggie make people help in cleansing your digestive tract entirely. This is turn would offer better and healthy bowel movements. When you start drinking this juice along with salt, it would help you relieve constipation and treats diarrhoea. It would also balance the electrolyte of the body.

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When you regularly start consuming bottle gourd juice along with a few drops of lime juice, it would help treat urinary tract infections. Since most people suffer from urinary infections which lead to awful pain, it would be eased and prevented through the consumption of bottle gourd juice.


Drinking this juice would not only helpful in maintaining your digestive system but also restores the energy when you are done with the workout. The presence of protein and vitamins in the pale green veggie juice would enhance and strengthen your muscle health as well.


With the onset of summer, people would love to stay cool throughout the blazing summer days. Well, the bottle gourd juice could be one of the best ways to beat the heat. It would not only keep you hydrated but would also restore the water loss with its rich water content.


The presence of potassium in the veggie would make it an excellent food for your heart as it would improve the health of the cardiovascular system. When you regularly consume a glass of bottle gourd juice, it would help reduce the blood cholesterol level and high blood pressure thereby maintaining healthy heart function. So, make sure not to ignore the water-rich vegetables.

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