KISS DAY-Tongue Kiss: 4 Mind Blowing Ideas To Trigger & Ignite Her For SEX


Ways to Tongue Kiss And Arouse Her in Seconds

Jive your tongue to stimulate your woman.

Get him into the mood in a simple tongue kiss or tongue duel!

Seemingly, a lovely passionate kiss is what it takes to get your partner to the path of sexual intertwine. It is a kiss that makes you steamy and horny in the first place of lovemaking. You gotta make up your steamy action racy enough by making your woman drive crazy. If a normal kiss could do so much to your sexual life, then think of a stimulating tongue kiss with your partner. Gentlemen, you should know the art of tongue kissing which would do magic to your sexual relationship. You do not wanna do a role play or anything else to make your woman aroused, but you could do it in a simple way. Just give her the mind-blowing erection with the sensual tongue kiss. So, here are simple tips for you to give a pleasurable kiss to your woman.

MAKE A MOVE: It is time for your tongue to dance in joy. You gotta move close to your partner to experience the electrifying love experience. You should move slowly in and out of your woman’s mouth and have a lovey-dovey duel with her. However, you should know whether your partner has been into it with a slight tapping on her tongue. It is in this way your tongues would dance together.

GIVE AN AMOROUS LICK: Probably, you know that lips are one of the most sensitive parts of the human body. When it comes to women, a little tapping on their lips would do much to the steamy situation. It leads to several exciting sexual intercourses with your partner. Okay, you would engross more into the moment and not wish to overdo it. All you want to do is to get back to give a sugary kiss and to lick her upper lip softly. You could also give sweet tender pull on the lower lip which would make her extremely aroused. Meanwhile, you should be careful about avoiding slavering.

MAKE IT SOFT AND SUPPLE: While a kiss could pave path to satisfying sexual intercourse, tongue kissing would do more than that undoubtedly. It is the moving of tongues, sweet and tender licking, gentle sucking and jiving that would get you aroused and move to the amazing horny moment. But you gotta be gentle and tender by making it soft and supple. Have a full-blown French kiss to arouse her completely.

BE THE GIVER AND RECEIVER: If you take the lead to get her in the mood with a tongue kiss, your woman would reciprocate the same way. Well, your kinky tongue kiss would show a good indication of your better relationship in the future. So, you should know to give and receive your love.

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