MASTURdATING Once In A While Is Good For Your Soul And Mind


Masturdating is defined as simply “going out alone”. A person who engages in an ordinary date with himself or herself, with an intention to please themselves and make a self-impression.

It is actually taking you (yourself) out all alone, a self treat with whatever you feel happy and special, which includes activities such as taking yourself to watch a movie, going to the exhibition which you always wanted to go, watching a movie all alone at home, going out for dinner alone, going for a shopping all alone, taking up a dance class, exploring new places which you wanted to do for a long time.

This act is just to pep up you. With this ‘Me time’ for yourself, you get to understand better about you through you, as it’s you and you only. Understanding yourself is always better than people giving opinions about you. By doing this you take the complete onus of your own joy and happiness.

When you start doing this act, i.e. by treating yourself with love, care, and gentleness, you begin to create a center of attention and become like a magnet for others to come to you. Only when you love yourself, you can start loving somebody else. When you have a steady and devoted relationship with yourself, you begin to ascertain a stronger relationship with others.

You will very well get to understand how people treat you, which in turn results in you making decisions on with whom you should continue in your life and with whom you should stop interacting further. No human can put up with people who don’t value them.

It is a skillful art. Take on yourself; go on a date and try doing this once and at the end of the session you will be thankful you did it. You’ll pat yourself on the back for a job well done. ‘Me time’ is mandatory to everybody once in a while, shut everything down and get ready to go.

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