Mind-Blowing Benefits of Sitting On The Floor While Eating – The Indian Way



Being the oldest Indian tradition, sitting on the floor while eating is proved to be the right way of eating as per science. Normally, sitting with crossed-legs is known to be a ‘Yoga’ posture known as sukhasana or padmasana. In this modern world, most people are eating in the dining table or on the bed and only a few are still practicing the method of sitting on the floor while eating. So, you will be attaining both eating and doing yoga at the same time. We could have also heard often that our elders would order us to sit down on the floor to eat if in case you are eating by standing. Back in Maharajas’ reign, the kings use to sit on the floor and eat and still in Asia and India, chairs are not common. In Ayurvedic terms, eating with a serene and calm mind will help you to have better digestion. Knowingly or Unknowingly, we are gaining good health by sitting on the floor while eating.

ENHANCES FAMILY BONDING AND BODY POSTURE: The traditional way of eating in India is to sit together to eat and is a kind of healthy family activity. This traditional method improves the bonding with the family and the posture relaxes the body muscles. It is actually good to have a joyous time and a relaxed family together. Fortunately, sitting on the floor improves our body posture with our back straight, expands our spine and pushes our shoulders back, which in turn diminishes all the frequent pains and aches which are the effects of bad postures. Thus, it is the best posture to stay healthy.

MAINTAINS YOUR BLOOD CIRCULATION AND MAKES THE HEART STRONGER: When you sit with crossed legs on the floor, it improves the blood circulation in our bodies because of the relaxation of nerves and the pressure on it. Good blood circulation level is said to be one of the important elements in healthy digestion. Thus, posture can help in solving a lot of problems.

HELPS TO RELAX THE BODY MUSCLES: The muscles present in your lower back, pelvis and also around your stomach stretch reduce the pain and uneasiness when you sit in the right posture on the floor and raising. By regularly stretching these vital muscles will make your body flexible and fit.

TURNS YOU TO BE HUMBLE: You could have seen people meditating on the floor and in an open airy environment which makes them more relaxed. It is believed that when you sit on the floor at the same level as children and animals, it is much easier for you to connect with the spiritual side of life as per religious and spiritual beliefs. It thus turns you out to be humble enough with other persons and you will feel the peace and calmness within you.

CONTROLS WEIGHT ISSUES: Sitting on the floor and getting up will increase the body movement and thus it maintains the body weight. When you provide movements to the body, it actively indulged in managing the body and also reduces the extra fat around the stomach. Even doctors advise sitting on the floor while eating.

Just practice the olden-golden method of sitting on the floor while eating and be the beneficiary.

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