Popular fitness trends of 2021

While 2020 was termed as the ‘Worst year’ by almost everyone who was hoping to get back to normal, 2021 kind of turned out to be worse. But that didn’t stop people from getting healthy and fit. Because, well, we are humans and we need to be healthy during these times. A lot of fitness geeks and experts have been catching up with some popular fitness trends of 2021 so why don’t we do that too?

If there’s anything that can keep us fresh, motivated and healthy, all at the same time, it is working out. Here are some amazing fitness trends of 2021 you should follow if you haven’t already.

Walking workouts

A lot of us just don’t have the energy to deal with almost anything negative these days and this popular fitness trend solves that problem. Many workout experts and exercise lovers have been adding walking workouts, both indoor and outdoor, to their workout plan. The reason is that it is refreshing, low-impact and does count as a small workout for days you are not motivated enough.

Although walking workouts have always been a thing, it got popular during 2020 and is not going away anytime soon.

Eye yoga

It is a thing. This was invented because of how much we depend on technology these days. Most of our work is through a screen and we cannot change it. What we can do is give our eyes a rest by doing things like this.

Many have tried and made it popular because our face also has muscles that need to be moved a certain way.

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Hula Hoops and skipping ropes

Hula hoops are becoming very popular these days. Fitness geeks in tik tok and youtube have been trying it and suggesting it to people who do not own any kind of gym materials at their home.

People are saying that hula hooping along with some skipping and low-impact workouts have made them feel amazing.


Most people underestimate pilates for a low-impact workout when it is really hard and some people have heard enough about it. Many are taking powerful pilates challenges and adding them to their workout schedules because of the impact it makes.

Pilates is just like yoga (but harder) and not everyone keeps up for more than 5 minutes.

7-minute workouts and quick HIITs

The 7-minute workouts were always popular around beginners but lockdown made it much more popular along with quick and powerful HIITs. As people don’t have enough mental stability or motivation to get through a 30-minute workout session, they are choosing this.

These workouts can be done in a shorter time with high intensity and are proved to be effective among lots of people.

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