Soothe Your Burnt Tongue With These Simple Remedies


We all have experienced burnt tongue at some point of our lives. It can be while sipping your hot cup of coffee or tea just before a meeting, tasting mom’s food, restaurants. Since the tongue is a sensitive part so the heat gets absorbed into pores of the tongue. When it gets burnt, the outer surface of the tongue becomes very delicate.

But we just think it will heal by time. But there are a few natural ways to heal burnt tongue.

Sugar: This really works effective and quick whenever you burn your tongue sipping a hot cup of coffee or tea, always look for sugar. The glucose content in the sugar immediately soothes down the tongue. Sugar provides instant relief and also enjoy a sweet taste in the mouth. To heal burnt tongue faster using crushed sugar (powdered sugar) is better.

Ice Cubes: If you have burnt your tongue eating your favourite hot food without knowing the temperature. If you couldn’t find sugar, you can opt for refrigerator-born ice cubes. Pick some and place it on your tongue. You feel better and burning can vanish as long as ice cubes rested on the tongue. You can also massage your tongue using ice cubes.

Mint Toothpaste: If you have burnt your tongue severely and unable to talk due to it, apply some mint toothpaste. Keep your tongue out of your mouth until the paste dries. Then wash it and eat something sweet like honey or chocolate. In fact, honey can be used as an anti-burn agent. Honey also helps in a burnt tongue. Instant relief, the cooling properties in mint are a great way in how to cure a burnt tongue.

Keep your tongue out and Breathe: If you can’t find any of the above-mentioned items, Just keep your tongue out from your mouth, let the cool air touch your burnt tongue. This will give you relief from the pain.  Breathe through your mouth. Inhale over burnt tongue so oxygen touches the tongue and soothes. Keep breathing until getting relief.

Rescue Water: When you are out in a restaurant, looking for a remedy for a burnt tongue. Just go to a washroom and gargle your mouth with cold water which spread over the tongue area. Gargle 4 to 5 times, colder the water more effective it is.

Antiseptic Cream: If your burnt tongue is not soothed with these home remedies, apply the sore cream on the affected area. If your tongue turned red and keeps pricking then go to the doctor. This might not be required since a burnt tongue isn’t a serious problem.

Next time when eating something hot, try these tips. It’s simple and effective in curing a burnt tongue.

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