Take care of your GUT! Rest will be sorted!


There are a lot more bacteria in your body than the number of your own body cells! And the number goes to almost 2 trillion bacteria that are not human cells but reside in our body. Before it turns gross, let us tell you that these bacteria residing in your digestive tract (and some on your skin) are in fact blessings for your body. The Gut Microbiome consists of good bacteria that aid digestion, strengthen the immune system and protect us from harmful bacteria.

Gut Microbiome is the mini-ecosystem of microorganisms that make up the human body. With increased awareness about health, Gut is important and sometimes the only thing you need to take care of. They have a network much like that of neurons and work in exquisite harmony to aid health. Here is how you can take care of your Gut and watch that you are sorted for the rest!

The gut influences depression, anxiety, digestion, moods, and other health concerns

Numerous researches have proved that the type of bacteria and their numbers in the gut can influence the health concerns one can have. When one develops gut diseases like inflammation, bowel problems, or infections it may also attract many health concerns outside the gut. Bad gut can lead to anxiety, depression, mood swings and more too. Bad gut signals are sent out to the brain which is known to bring bad moods, depression, sadness, and moody behaviors.

Good gut means good digestion system

The gut microbiome is responsible for better digestion and digestive system is one of the key systems affecting our health at large. When we feed the good bacteria in our body, we aid the digestive system and its working. While bad bacteria feed on sugar and processed food, the good bacteria feed on fiber. Eating a high fiber diet to promote good bacteria keeps your digestive system in check, in turn, maintaining a healthy body system.

Good gut prevents you from getting sick

There are good and bad bacteria in our body. The good bacteria of the gut help us digest food better, build up a strong immune system, regulate the digestive system and maintain health. Healthy Gut also determines the absorption of vital nutrients in our body. If the good bacteria in the body are taken care of, the body functionalities are improved helping us stay healthier.

 The gut is the second brain of the body

The gut microbiomes system is a network that sends signals to the entire body for utmost functioning. When there is over-eating or under-eating too, the signals are sent out to the brain making you aware of hunger. The body thus responses to the signals and makes adjustments for survival. If the gut system is fed properly this network helps promote health.

Your Gut can keep you awake

Poor sleeping patterns affect the gut negatively, which in turn can affect the mental and emotional stability. Sleep-deprived people are found to have a decreased amount of good bacteria in their gut which in turn affects the insulin levels in the body and is linked to obesity and diabetes. Much like the brain, the gut is responsible for the release of sleep-inducing neurotransmitters like serotonin, dopamine, etc. When you take care of your gut, it helps restore sleeping patterns, and a lot many health concerns related to it.

The human microbiome is an incredible system that is backing up our body health strongly. With the help of probiotics, fibrous diet, and a healthy lifestyle we can help good bacteria thrive. This unique system of microorganisms alone has the power to improve your health. Just take care of your gut, and the rest is sorted!

Article By Dr. ManojKutteri, Wellness Director at Atmantan Wellness Centre.


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