The 5 Perfect Best Times To Have SEX With Your Partner



Since sensual pleasure is a part of the love life, you should also learn about the best time to involve in sex. People plan their official schedule for meetings and other important things to pursue in their lives. Meanwhile, people just do not get the perfect time to have sex. However, most of the people would have heard that the quintessential time to impregnate is during the time of ovulation. But they would not perceive that certain times of the days or months or years are ideal for making love. Well, here are the few tips to have a consummate life.

WHEN YOU WANNA RELIEVE FROM CRAMPS: Your period is one of the best times to get into the cuddling part of your life. Some might feel discomfort to involve in sex during periods but it is the perfect medicine to relieve your cramps. It is explained that during orgasm your body would let out the hormone known as oxytocin as well as the neurotransmitter dopamine. As a result, you would feel relaxed, clear and happy as well.

WHEN YOU WANNA ENJOY AN INDELIBLE SEX: To mark ineradicable lovemaking, just go with the racy time of the year. Most countries choose to go with July and August because you would get more time to involve an outdoor circumspect. When you are out of the walls, it just means that you are out of your ease zone. It is also suggested that when you involve in no-holds-barred sex, you could enjoy the sunshine which provides the serotonin in the brain. This, in turn, enhances your mood and marks an unforgettable day of yours.

WHEN YOU ARE HARD-PRESSED: When you feel exhausted due to the official works, just plan for an amazing weekend together.  It does not mean you would take your partner out at the weekend but you could plan the stunning weekend date at your home even. Leave your kids at your relative’s home, erase your official to-do list from your mind, play on your favorite music, dance with your partner and get into the mood. Doesn’t that sound soothing your soul? This would definitely transform your hectic mode to an amorous mode.

WHEN YOU WANNA ENJOY ENDURING SEX: Do you wanna enjoy an enduring sexual time? But still, you do not find time for it? Well, it is suggested to have a better time during the holiday month such as Christmas days and New Year’s Day. When you are off with the official works, you would enjoy things better with your partner without pressure. You could flirt with your partner and make him or her to arouse by your deeds. You could spend extended time with your partner when you are free of things and your lovemaking would last longer.

WHEN YOU WANNA DRIVE YOUR MAN PERKY ON BED: Well, men in common, would wake up with erections every day. You do not want to make your man wait until the dusk but you might get him to arouse in the dawn with full energy. It is also said that when women get aged, they would feel frail in the evening. So, get it with the sunrise!

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