Top Benefits of Urad Dal Halwa or Ulundhu Kali

Tamil Nadu’s traditional and health mixed “Ulundhu Kali” is prepared with black whole urad dhal and palm jaggery. These two major ingredients are in turn highly nutritious and provide an amassment of health benefits that you might not have known. Whole black urad dhal is rich in nutrients and contains more fibre than whole white urad dhal and so it is good to choose whole black urad dhal. “Ulundhu kali” has been the traditional food of Tamil Nadu and it was everyday food for the ancient native people as they realized it would infuse them with strength and numerous health benefits to do their work for a longer period. On the contrary, even if we recognized the few good things about foods, we are deliberately ignoring them as we are in this modern world. Howbeit, Urad dhal halwa is found associated with effective health benefits which you might have missed out on until now. So, here are some of the effective health benefits of urad dhal halwa which could drag you back to this traditional food, and almost each one of you who comes to know about the healthy and delicious halwa might get benefited from it.

Great for Women’s Health:

Generally, ulutham kali is provided to young girls at puberty or during their menstruation time which would in turn strengthen their uterus and their back. Pregnant women must consume it as it is rich in iron which would provide immune power to both the child and the mother. It is highly helpful at the time of delivery for women. It is not only good for women but also men and so if you prepare it at home, you could consume it along with your family members and be the beneficiaries of it.

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Combats the Stomach-related Issues:

Urad dhal is naturally high in fibre which would be an essential nutrient for your body. When you regularly intake this healthiest halwa, it could flush out the toxins in your intestines. It could also cure dysentery and provides strength to the body. Not only these but also it could relieve constipation.

Prevents the Formation of Kidney Stones:

While drinking adequate water could prevent the formation of kidney stones, Ulundhu Kali would also restrict the formation of stones in the kidney which creates complications in health. When you have it weekly once at home, it would slowly improve the health of the kidney thereby preventing the formation of stones. Urad dhal halwa is also helpful in washing away the wastes from the body.

Good for Diabetes:

People with diabetes should maintain the right level of blood sugar in the body so it could help develop a healthy body. So, when you provide this healthiest halwa to the sweet-hankering taste buds of diabetic people, it would be highly beneficial in managing the blood sugar level as well as satisfying the taste buds. Well, the presence of fibre in urad dhal would absorb all the essential nutrients to the body, manages the insulin production in the blood at the right level, and thus prevents the high risk of blood sugar level. It would also neutralize the blood sugar level in the body.

Enhances the Masculinity:

Excessive use of drugs or smoking would lead to decreased masculinity. Even the over-exposure of heat would affect the masculine power of men and makes them impotent. But with the help of this natural home remedy, men could enhance the power of the masculine. So, you could have it once a week to overcome the issue in the body.

Improves the Heart Health:

With the help of potassium, urad dhal helps prevent or reduce blood pressure. It would clear the pressure on the nerves and blood vessels that push the blood to the body. Thus, your heart would be happy with healthy blood flow.

Strengthens the Muscle:

This is a well-known benefit of ulundhu kali. It would develop the muscles in the body and strengthens the body when you consume ulundhu kali regularly. People who are too lean must consume it to develop a healthy and strong body.

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