What Happens After Your ‘First Time SEX’? 3 Main Points You Should Know.


How SEX at inceptive stage makes you feel?

Well, sex is all about sharing love and intimacy and it is totally your own choice to spend time with your partner. At times, you might feel like you are not ready or you might be nervous about having sex for the very first time in your life. You should never feel guilty or bad about having sex because it is all about sharing your love. Most people might develop worries, anxiety and often questions arise in their mind about losing their virginity, as they have a stereotyped statement that ‘virginity defines a person’. Definitely, these kinds of stuff would revolve around your head at the initial stage of having sex. However, If you are skeptical about what you are doing, just stop it right away and if you feel happy and excited, just go with it. But it is highly important to know what happens when you have sex for the very first time in your life.

ANGST OF BEING NO MORE VIRGIN: No matter if you are with your trusted partner or just newly married, you could rely on your partner. Would you feel lost and changed after losing your virginity? Well, a big ‘No’, because you are still an amazing human in your life and losing virginity, would never define you. It is just the ill-society that forced such thing on the inceptive intimacy moment of your life. Meanwhile, there is gain after sex where you truly realize how human and lovely your partner is. Of course, your partner must also have some expectations and insecurities as well. Expectations fall on themselves not from you and you guys just forget the real existing world at this wonderful moment.

THE FEAR OF EXTREME PAIN AND ANXIETY: When it comes to having sex for the very first time, women have a fear of pain associated with sex. Most of the women feel nervous because of the pain they feel at the time of having sex. Even though, men feel the pain it would not be equal to the feel of women. This is where you need a partner who truly listens to you and consoles your pain right there. Of course, pain and bleeding are natural for women but it doesn’t mean that bleeding defines you as a virgin. It is according to one’s natural body, the bleeding happens and at times, it would have happened before having sex even. Additionally, you could also avoid unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases by using condoms, which is safer though.

CEASE THE GUILT: If you are ashamed of what you are doing, just stop it right away. And if you feel shame, chaotic, fear and anxiety, then you are doing something which is not comfortable. As mentioned before, sex is all about intimacy and sharing love which would not be felt bad or disgusting in any possible means. And if you feel like you are in a toxic relationship or forcing yourself, just drop it because you would not feel happy about it right after having sex.

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