What Should You Do When You Are Feeling Suicidal


If you are feeling suicidal, you also have to know that you are not alone in this and that many people feel hopeless or depressed in life.

Feeling suicidal is not a sign that you are weak. It just means that you are going through a really bad or low phase. Life is good, but since it is filled with unpredictability, it can become a roller-coaster ride. A ride that can make you feel unwanted, desperate, unworthy and depressed. But, it is only when you experience these emotions, should you feel that there is something in you that is bigger than any obstacle. It is only with that kind of faith that we can move on in life, take a step by step approach and choose recovery over pain.

When you feel suicidal, the first thing you should promise yourself is to not act on it and wait until you make any rash decisions. You should never let emotion take over logic.  You should also stay away from obsessively thinking about what upset you; also take the effort to stay from alcohol and smoking as these are only going to increase the level of these thoughts.  If your situation is hopeless, you need to talk to a counselor. Talking to somebody who knows about suicide or depression will make you understand that this is just a temporary phase and that you actually have a lot of life inside you, which is waiting to be tapped.

Any kind of suicidal thoughts stems from pain or fear or loneliness. So, it is important to talk to people about your problem and you should also remember to be gentle with yourself and understand your situation is not entirely your fault. This is because of the situation you have been thrown into and you should choose a step by step recovery.  There are people who feel completely helpless and feel that there is no other option but to commit suicide. Talking to a therapist, a best friend and a lot of positivity are what is required the most in this phase. When you feel suicidal, also ask yourself what really held you for so long., you will understand that you have something in you, which is much bigger than any loss you have faced or are going to face.  Taking up a routine and sticking to it will also distract you. Keeping yourself busy by doing productive and helpful things will make you feel more alive, worthy, and your life is soon going to be back.

Symptoms of suicidal thinking

Intense pain

Loss of appetite

Loss of interest in regular activities

Laidback attitude and forgetfulness


Sadness and feeling of hopelessness

What can you do?

Write down everything

Talk to a close friend

Talk to a therapist in case the condition is too serious

Reach out to Suicide prevention helplines in India

Pray and do your work without interruptions

Avoid drugs that are not prescribed

Create a plan for life

Watch out for warning signs and learn to tackle them

Facts related to suicide

About 800000 lakh people commit suicide every year in the world.

According to WHO, the age-standardized suicide rate in India is 16.4 per 100,000 for women (6th highest in the world) and 25.8 for men (ranking 22nd)

Major reasons why people commit suicide

Drug Abuse



Mental Illness

Failure in Exams or Life

Extramarital affairs

Bipolar disorder

Feeling suicidal is a manageable emotion but we just have to have a little faith in ourselves.  It is also the time you need to listen more than speak, you need to be calm down and understand problems will definitely pass with time.

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