What to do for a Healthy and Happy Lungs?

While we focus on our heart health and brain health considering them to be the major organs of the body, we forget about the essential role of the lungs in our body. Like other organs of our bodies, we must ensure to take care of our lungs as it plays a major role in the human body. When we have a healthy breathing process, then the oxygen would be flowing throughout the body. Lack of oxygen would lead to several health issues especially respiratory illnesses. The rage of coronavirus has made us take care of our lung or respiratory system as it would affect the respiratory system the most. Always prevention is better than cure and so, let’s check out the effective tips for healthy and happy lungs.


Drinking adequate water is extremely essential for the enhancement of lung health. Experts explain that when you have enough water, the fluid would retain the mucosal linings in the lungs thin. This would in turn make your lung indulge in proper function.


Breathing techniques are one of the effective ways to keep your lungs strong and happy. Deep breathing would increase your lung capacity when you inhale slowly and exhale slowly. The slow and steady inhalation process would expand your ribs thereby letting the floating ribs to wide open and then allows the upper chest to expand. When it comes to the exhalation process, it would allow the chest to fall thereby contracting the ribs and stomach muscles to back as well as lift the diaphragm.

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As you know that laughing is a great exercise, it does mean that it is great for your lung as well. Sometimes, you would laugh until your stomach hurts, right? Well, laughing is the best exercise for the abdominal muscles and improves lung capacity as per the experts. That’s sounds simple, isn’t it?


It is when you stay active, your lungs would be happier and healthier. Have at least half an hour to indulge in any physical activity which would make your entire body healthy and rejuvenated. When you stay active and alert regularly, it would make your heart, lungs, and mood happier and healthier as per the experts.

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The posture of your body matters the most as it has its impact on the health of your lungs. According to the experts, it is said that you have to sit erect or tall to make your lung feel good and better. Also, it would be better if you lean back and lift your chest to give a deep breath as it would work amazing for your lungs’ health. As of now, the lockdown would make us idle and lazy but still you have to make sure of your posture. Occasionally, try to sit tall and let your lungs have their time. So, these are the simple effective tips for healthy and happy lungs.

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