History of ‘International Dance Day’ – April 29

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HISTORY OF INTERNATIONAL DANCE DAY: The art of dance goes back to 9,000 years old which is similar to Indian ancient paintings and the ceremonial dances that appeared in different types of cultures. From tribal people to professionals, they would make moves in their own way. There are several types of dancing in the world and the dance day aims to celebrate the “WORLD OF DANCE”.

Historically, the dance goes back thousands of years, and the Dance Day ceremonies officially launched in 1982. Millions around the world have explored their love for this wonderful art and have been entertaining the world. From its original event, the annual celebration is for amateurs and professionals, encouraging participants to enjoy their favorite styles and routines and also developing their knowledge by embracing other dances and cultures. However, Dance Day is organized by the Dance Committee of the International Theatre Institute (ITI) actually who are partnered with UNESCO.

So, the annual events occur on the birthday of Jean Georges Noverre, the creator of modern ballet. Each year has a special message from the guest of honor as well. The events of the celebration are globally-concerned because it is focused on unity and accessibility. Everybody could enjoy the day irrespective of the financial and cultural status.

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