Today April 29 Is ‘International Dance Day 2021’

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INTERNATIONAL DANCE DAY: Dance is something unique and amazing that might bring enthusiasm and happiness to an individual as well as to the spectators. There might be professional dancers but dance is for everyone. ‘Anybody can dance” is the ultimate truth that some do not accept.

We are all born dancers as we shake our hands and legs when we were infants. So, do not think that dance is something that a professional does but it is for everyone. As we all have the innate quality of dancing, we could enjoy ourselves by making a few moves with your body. While some do it professionally, others do it for enjoyment. However, some might be too shy to make moves and shake their hips in the crowd but it is okay.

Dance is also a kind of exercise which helps you to stay fit and happy as well. There have been several movies that centered around dance as the main thing. But when it comes to celebrating the dance day internationally on April 29th of every year, we gotta know about the background of it.

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