How To Celebrate World Laughter Day May 02 2021

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HOW TO CELEBRATE WORLD LAUGHTER DAY: Of course, the aim to celebrate laughter day is to promote world peace, brotherhood, and friendship. With its aim, laughter day should be better celebrated by creating awareness and involving people to participate in it.

Howbeit, Laughter Yoga does not require any particular pose as we do it in other forms of yoga but it just involves laughter. You could laugh with your family and friends and neighbor by indulging in a conversation during this pandemic period which would in turn boost positivity in you as well as others.

Just laugh aloud and stay positive and better ways are coming in 2021. And if you feel low, just talk with your friends or cousins over the phone and laugh out with them as this would also help you to stay positive. Just turn this PANDEMIC into “HAPPY-DEMIC”! Stay Home! Stay Safe!

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