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How To Celebrate World No Tobacco Day 2020

How To Celebrate World No Tobacco Day 2020

HOW TO CELEBRATE WORLD NO TOBACCO DAY: On this World No Tobacco Day, you could celebrate it by staying at home. You might come across people in your life who smoke frequently and so you could share them the message and make them realize the ill effects of it.

You would also know the increasing use of tobacco by youngsters to alleviate their stress and depression but you could tell them to avoid it as there are multiple ways to overcome stress and depression. Instead of campaigns, you could talk about “no tobacco world” in social media or post a minute video of you creating awareness.

This might even help someone in the world who watches it or shares it and you could ask someone you know to stop smoking and remain them about their future. Still, you could explain or help someone to quit smoking naturally as several things could help them abandon the habit. So, make every day a “no-tobacco day”.

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