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How To Curb The Use of Mobile Phones During The Lock down

How To Curb The Use of Mobile Phones During The Lock down

  • Could not resist the use of mobile phones during this pandemic period?
  • Just follow the simple steps to curb the use of it!

Since lockdown has been imposed by the government to curb the spread of the deadly virus COVID-19, people are staying indoors for a lot of time. We would definitely go for our mobile phones as we do not have any other works to do at home. Even if we are working from home, we might scroll down our mobile phones often as we fix it as a kind of relaxation. Meanwhile, some of us wish to get out of this addiction to mobile phones during this lockdown as it connects yourself and your mobile phone more. So, here are a few steps to get out of this addiction.

SWITCH OFF YOUR NOTIFICATIONS: Notifications make you know about the messages or any important things you have received and it thus makes you pick it up. In other words, notification would distract you from working or spending time with the family. So, it is better to turn off the notifications, and later you could check it when needed.

SET ALARM: To avoid this addiction of using mobile phones or scrolling newsfeeds, just set an alarm on your phone at various times throughout the day which would thus give you a cue to check your phone. So now, you could check notifications for two minutes or opening social media apps, and then if you wish you could set an alarm as some of us would never put our phones down after two minutes. In this way, it could be helpful for you to reduce the use of mobile phones often.

FOR CHILDREN: Since schools are closed as per the order of the government due to the spreading of disease, they might be completely attached to the screening times. So, you could set screen time for your children and make them aware of it and you should also spend time with them which is essential. If in case, you have iPhone or iPad recent models, then you could use the ‘Screen Time Function’ to set limits for certain types of apps or games. When the allotted time is over, the app would be blacked out and unable to open. You should be careful in watching your kids and their daily activities which would help you to figure out if something is wrong with them.

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BALANCING THINGS: Even though, it is important to maintain your health not to be addicted to your phones, you should accept that smartphones are a good way of connecting with the loved ones. It is highly essential for us to balance things in our lives. Especially during this pandemic period, we have to be connected and at the same time you should watch out the time you are on your phone. So, it is all about balancing things in your life. The world is waiting for you! Stay Home! Stay Safe! Stay Healthy!

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