4 Types of FRIYAAY Vibe That Makes You Live in the Present

Fridays are not just Friday or one of the days in a week. But it has certain things to do with your mood. Believe it or not, the hit is different when you wake up to the FRIYAAY sunrays. You all have been there every time you feel the Friday sunshine. The mood constantly varies to hit the roof of your brain when the sun goes down. Speaking of which, this is exactly the reverse when it comes to closing the weekend (Sunday evening) or Monday morning. As of now, let’s ignore the Sunday or Monday blues. Shall we just focus on the FRIYAAY Vibes? It seems like you cannot really wait to relate yourself to the article. Without much ado, let’s get into the types of FRIYAAY vibe.

Types of FRIYAAY Vibe:

The last-Friday dopamine hits from nowhere when the sunrays fall on your face. Admit it, you will be in good mood rather than on other days. You will be vibing like no other weekdays as your heart feels like it caught hold of some amazing rhythm for the day. Not to mention, you will be getting ready for your work more fervently.

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Lunch with your colleagues or with your buddies or all alone contents not only the food but also the laughs. You even plan for the start of the weekend night. And we all know how sudden plans work?


Leaving the office on Friday night is an irreplaceable mood. You may have certain heart-pumping plans either with your colleagues or friends or even doing nothing on Friday night is everything. Whatever, it really does release all the feel-happy hormone that makes you have a sigh of serenity. And we know you cannot resist it.


As you are done for the entire day, it’s time for you to have serene fun finally. Be it a private stupefying house party or an exciting public party, living in the present is the ultimate result it provides. Of course, who wants to think about the pending files waiting for Monday? Well, Friday (YAAY) night, really, makes you live in the present. Switch on that F RIYAAY Mode!

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