5 Awesome Ways Chennai’s Pondy Bazaar Can Elevate Your Mood

• Experience the feel-happy hormones (dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin) just by being at Chennai’s Pondy Bazaar.

The infinite love for this Pedestrian Plaza can never decline. The perfect walkway tour is here in Chennai’s popular shopping hub area. When it comes to Pondy Bazaar, people tend to remember it as a shopping spot. However, there exists the other side of the story which most people deny to see and experience beyond. The vibrant Pedestrian Plaza or Pondy Bazaar serves to be the replenishment for many souls. If you are wondering what makes it stupendous, then here are to name a few – seven play areas for children, wall murals, seating facilities under the canopy of trees. All these clusters together proffer the splendid look to the entire stretch of Pondy Bazaar. Not to mention, the wide footpaths, streetlights, and the supercool parking facilities infuse the Bazaar with an abroad ambience. Continue reading to know the 5 awesome ways Chennai’s Pondy Bazaar can elevate your mood.

The Rejuvenating Walk:

Apart from shopping, Pondy Bazaar mends your chaotic mind. All you need is to have a simple walk through the entire bustling stretch. Regardless of being the busy shopping area, you can still experience the rejuvenation with the help of the bazaar’s breeze. You may even see elderly people having a walk and parents taking their children for an evening revitalization over here. Why don’t you have a walk when you are residing nearby or on weekends or if you visit here anytime?

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A Pleasant Read Under the Tree Canopy:

You are not disturbed over here! Ever thought of reading a book in the bustling shopping hub? If not, you really have to give it a try when you find a place like vibrant Pondy Bazaar. And what evenings are for? Be it a magazine or novels or poetry, you can have a pleasant read under the tree canopy on the beautiful seating arrangements. Bet you, it takes you to a different world and everything around you seem to be magical and wonderful when you lift your head from the pages. The dopamine you experience is for real!

Fine Chit-chats on the Seating Arrangements:

The painted seats welcome you with a broad smile as it serves to be the resting place for many. You can indulge in fun-filled chit chats with your friends, family members, and colleagues. Moreover, Pondy Bazaar comes more alive in the evening with bright street lights and the tranquil breeze of trees. Just because it got the makeover, Pondy Bazaar does not lack the presence of trees. Nothing can elevate your mood more than a chit-chat, chai, close ones, and evening at this place.

Less Traffic:

When compared to other areas of this metropolitan city, the entire stretch of T.Nagar’sPondy Bazaar experiences less traffic. You can witness it when you present walk through the wide footpath. Less traffic impacts your stress level since heavy traffic enhances the stress. Meanwhile, shopping itself boosts your mood and so Pondy Bazaar serves to be an ideal shopping haul.

One-of-its-kind Photoshoot Place:

Believe it or not, Pondy Bazaar can serve as the best background for your pictures. You can see parents clicking pictures of their toddlers in this lively Pedestrian Plaza. More to the delight, you can seize the moment through a click to cherish the walkway time over here. You can also work on some amazing wedding photoshoots or any kind. Well, capturing photographs can be one of the 5 awesome ways to elevate your mood.

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