6 Tips to Throw a Weekend House Party

A house party is the most enjoyable way to meet new people who your friends may know. However, some house parties can spiral out of control, leaving the guests dissatisfied. If you’ve ever been to a party like that before and believe you can do better, you’ve come to the right place. We have no doubts about your hosting abilities. We’re just here to give you some pointers and ideas for throwing a successful and enjoyable house party that no one will forget. So, shall we look at those helpful tips now?

Tips to throw a weekend house party
Decide what your party will be about

Choosing a theme for a house party can be a great way to get your guests excited. If it’s your birthday, have everyone dress up as something you like. It could be a celebrity, a type of music, a type of food, and so on. You know what to do if it’s close to Christmas or New Year’s. If the party isn’t being held on a specific date, you can choose any theme you want. It could be a movie-themed party, a colour-coded party, the 80s or 90s party, etc. Make it creative and interesting so that everyone will take the time to dress up. Weekends are definitely a perfect kick-start for fun. So, you can have any theme as you wish.

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Be selective about who you want to invite

House parties are only enjoyable if the host knows nearly all of the guests. You don’t have to know everyone, but there should be some sort of connection between you and your guests. Don’t just dump a poster all over your social media with an open invitation. To begin, invite a few close friends and ask them who they would like to invite to a themed party. They will suggest some people they may know, and you will be able to filter out anyone you do not wish to invite. Also, inform your friends that you will require assistance in managing the party so that you are not overloaded.

Pick a time but don’t say that to everyone

This is a common practice that everyone likes in order to ensure that all of the guests arrive on time. There will be some people on your guest list who are always late, and others who are always on time. All you have to do is tell all of your perfect friends the right time. And, for all of your late-arriving friends and guests, inform them that the party begins a couple of hours before it begins. They will arrive on time, and you will not have to worry.

Create a playlist

You can ask the assistance of a friend who has excellent musical taste to help you with his. However, if you are that friend in your group, you can do it on your own. Make a playlist ahead of time because many guests like to take over and play their favourite music. This will irritate a lot of people (as it should), so be prepared. Include a variety of music in the playlist to keep them from becoming bored or exhausted. The ideal playlist will include some standard pop music at the beginning, followed by some upbeat tunes to get everyone excited, and finally, some relaxing melodies before all of the guests leave.

Plan your food choices

Nowadays, many people suffer from various types of food allergies and restrictions. You don’t have to be concerned about your friends because you know what they eat and don’t eat. You should be concerned about the other guests. You can ask ahead of time if they have any dietary restrictions, or you can simply get a variety of foods and inform them of what they contain before they eat it.

Play games and enjoy yourself

You can delegate the task of planning what games you’ll play while you talk to each other. However, if you prefer to do things on your own, you can plan the games as well. Just don’t get so caught up in planning and hosting that you forget to have fun. It’s also important to have fun at your own party.

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