7 Cooking Games that Keep Your Leisure Time Engaged

The art of cooking is one that not everyone can master. Many situations make it impossible to practise this art. Cooking should, however, always be a passion. Because of this, there is a tonne of free cooking simulation games available on the Play Store and Apple Store. Until you grasp the true art, you can keep your passion for cooking alive by playing some of these entertaining cooking games. In this post, we’ve chosen a few of the best free cooking games available for iOS and Android users.

Cooking games that keep your leisure time entertaining:
Good Pizza, Great Pizza

Good Pizza, Great Pizza is a cooking game centred on—-wait for it—-pizza. In order to advance in the game, you must make pizza and eventually take ownership of the establishment. Users can make pizzas in this cooking game during timed sessions while your shop is open for business. Your earnings can then be put toward improving the shop, purchasing new pizza toppings, or upgrading your pizza-making equipment. The game’s opening music is the only peculiar feature, as it’s a little unsettling. It seems more like the set for a horror film than a cooking simulator.

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Restaurant Story

Among the cooking-themed mobile games, Restaurant Story has been one of our current favourites. Although there is a follow-up called Restaurant Story 2, we preferred the original after playing both of them through. In terms of “cooking games,” Restaurant Story is the most authentic because you literally build your entire store from the ground up. The variety here includes intricate recipes, themed ovens, and floor tiles. People who enjoy having complete control over their experiences will love this game. Imagine Restaurant Story as The Sims with a stronger emphasis on food.

Perfect Slices

Perfect Slices

Although we think Perfect Slices is a playful game with a great deal of potential, our opinions are divided. Basically, it’s just a simple game where the object is to chop the vegetables as fast as you can. In order to prevent your knife from breaking, you must stay away from other items on the “chopping board.” You can use the coins you’ve earned to perhaps buy new items to enhance your knife or buy new vegetables at the end of each level. It’s a colourful, entertaining, simple game that’s great for some pure entertainment before bed. A significant disadvantage? There are so many advertisements that they are obnoxiously everywhere. It’s unfortunate because Perfect Slices is a fun game in general.

Cooking City

With a colourful functionality that makes it simple to use, Cooking City is an entertaining cooking game. The focus of Cooking City is on completing timed “food combos,” as opposed to managing an eatery as you do in Good Pizza, Great Pizza. Your overall profits will depend on how quickly you can complete these pairings for your customers and how happy you can keep them throughout these orders.

Cooking Mama: Let’s Cook

Cooking Mama: Let's Cook

One of the few cooking simulation games is Cooking Mama, which allows you to prepare meals. The game requires you to chop, bake, stew, as well as perform other tasks. In contrast to other cooking games where you must gather some of the substances for your meals, this one does not require you to do so. Play a role in serving the restaurant’s customers delectable food. There are many additional mini-games in the game itself.


The game Slices is also about food, but it’s a little different from the games mentioned above. The main objective of this puzzle game is to complete the circular “dishes” so that you can empty your plates. You’ll lose the level if you don’t because you’ll run out of room. Slices is simple to play with and grasp. It’s also incredibly soothing and unexpectedly interesting. Although you can pay a few cents to have the ads removed, the game’s drawback is that it has a lot of them.


Sandwich is a straightforward but incredibly fun cooking game that we’ve got for you. To assemble and consume a sandwich is the object of the game. It’s incredibly simple to play with, and you can make these sandwiches by stacking the sandwich’s various layers on top of one another. You earn points by eating the sandwich once it’s finished. There is even an undo button, which makes it virtually impossible to lose this game.

You can start playing cooking games to sate your cravings for food during your downtime now that you are aware of what is available on the market. In fact, there are probably some cooking games out there that we haven’t even thought of.

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