7 Ways to Celebrate Onam When You Have a Mallu Friend as Your Roommate

Diversity is one of the most wonderful elements of the world as a whole, and having friends from diverse cultures is a true privilege. If you’re lucky enough to have a Mallu friend as a roommate, you’re in for a treat during the Onam festival. Onam is Kerala’s harvest festival, and it is celebrated with great zeal and cultural vibrancy. So, how can you join in the fun and make the most of this festive occasion? Here are 7 unique ways to celebrate Onam when you share a room with a Mallu pal.

7 Ways to Celebrate Onam When You Have a Mallu Friend as Your Roommate:
Learn About Onam Traditions:

If you truly want to enjoy and participate in any culture’s festival, the first step is to understand what it is and how it is celebrated. So, why not have a nice conversation with your Mallu friend? You might ask them to tell you everything there is to know about Onam. Ask about why it is important, what it means to them, and what particular activities people participate in during this time. Listening to their stories about Onam’s history and culture can help you understand it better. Furthermore, it will show your friends that you care about what is important to them. That is a wonderful approach to make them feel pleased and valued.

Participate in Pookalam Making:

Participate in Pookalam Making

Pookalam is a colourful carpet made of flowers that is an essential component of Onam. You and your Mallu friend can make this lovely pattern together. All you have to do is gather a variety of flowers and arrange them in an artistic manner. You two can create some really interesting designs with the flowers. It’s not just about crafting something gorgeous; it’s also about having fun and strengthening your friendship. When you both work on the pookalam, it contributes to the festival’s cheerful atmosphere, making it feel even more unique.

Dress Up in Traditional Attire:

Onam is a delightful occasion when everyone dresses up in their traditional attire. Women frequently wear stunning white and gold sarees, while men typically wear a classic white dhoti with a shirt. It’s as though you’ve entered the festival’s spirit. Imagine how fun it would be to participate by donning these clothes as well! Don’t worry if you’re not sure how to put them on. Your Mallu friend can show you how to elegantly drape a saree or how to fold and wear a dhoti. The best part? You’ll get the opportunity to take some lovely pictures and make moments that you’ll remember for years to come!

Indulge in Onam Sadya:

Indulge in Onam Sadya

The Onam Sadya is a big, lavish supper full of delicious vegetarian cuisine. Imagine a large green banana leaf stretched out with a variety of delectable foods on it! If your flatmate is pleased about it, you may assist them in preparing everything for this special feast. Alternatively, you and your roommate may learn to cook some of these classic delicacies together. As you work together to prepare these special delicacies, picture the kitchen smelling spicy and delicious. When everything is ready, you can all sit down and enjoy this delicious lunch together. Sharing this delectable food and the joy of the occasion will undoubtedly make your Onam celebration seem truly unique.

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Enjoy Vallamkali (Boat Races):

The snake boat race, Vallamkali, is one of the most stunning things to behold during Onam. Imagine large, gorgeously decorated boats racing on the water, pushed by rowers working in perfect synchronisation. If you are unable to attend a live race, you and your flatmate can share the excitement by watching films of previous boat races. It’s like going on a virtual tour of Onam’s culture and traditions. The enthusiasm, teamwork, and competitive spirit displayed in these races are very gripping and will add to the excitement of your Onam celebration.

Exchange Gifts and Tokens of Love:

Onam, like any other festival, incorporates the lovely tradition of exchanging and receiving presents as expressions of affection. Why not make your Mallu friend happy by giving them a nice gift? You may select something that reflects their distinct culture, such as a lovely piece of traditional jewellery. Another option is to choose a gift with meaning during Onam, such as a miniature boat to signify the Vallamkali boat races. Alternatively, a wonderful flower arrangement reminiscent of the magnificent pookalams. This kind gesture will not only make your friend feel special. It will also show them that you sincerely care about their traditions. A lovely approach to honour the spirit of Onam is to strengthen your friendship with such genuine presents.

Embrace the Spirit of Unity:

A beautiful message of unity is at the core of Onam. This celebration commemorates a time when King Mahabali ruled and everyone lived in peace and contentment. People claim that throughout his reign, no one felt superior or inferior; everyone was treated equally. It’s a good idea to discuss why unity and diversity are important with your flatmate. You can discuss how Onam and other festivals bring people from various backgrounds together. These occasions teach us the importance of respecting one another’s cultures and traditions. It eventually makes our world a more welcoming and cheerful place.

Having a Mallu roommate during Onam offers up a whole new world of cultural exploration and celebration. By embracing the harvest festival’s customs, traditions, and rituals, you are not only increasing your own experience. You’re also improving your relationship with your roommate. From making bright pookalams to savouring the exquisite Onam Sadya, these 7 ways will ensure that your Onam celebration is unique and sincere.

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