Awesome Benefits of Having a Cousin of the Same Age

• Giggling, gossiping, and sports together!
• And rolling under the same roof during vacation nights are undeniably the best moment.

Stepping into this world, each individual would befriend with whom they share everything. The role of friends sculpts most of a person’s life. Similarly, we do have friends from our family who are called ‘Crazy Cousins.’ Especially if we have cousins of the same age, then it would be a double-triple dhamaka thing. They would be more than a relative to us rather than just a cousin from the paternal or maternal side family. Couldn’t it be more fun when we have two or more cousins infused with fun-filled friendliness? Well, we forget to appreciate our cousins as there are several awesome benefits of having a cousin of the same age. Let’s check out the awesome benefits of having a cousin of the same age.


Having a cousin of the same age can be beneficial in blooming a great friendship. Although we have friends outside the family, we have this precious cousin or cousins, who are friendly and adorned. Moreover, this is the person from our family with whom we can share the most about our life. What more? Our secrets will be vaulted. Gaining a cousin of the same age is a boon as not everyone can be gifted with it.


Doesn’t it a triple-dhamaka? A cousin of the same age with the same body size and same gender can, of course, be a triple-dhamaka. When it comes to borrowing outfits or attires from our cousins, they must be of the same size and same gender more than of the same age. What cousins are for, after all? Well, swapping dresses and slaying the day can be that simple when we have a cousin of the same age. Who knows that the attires are borrowed? Just get ready to nail the day!

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For sure, vacationing with family members can never be the easiest task for most youngsters. This makes them rely on the decision of their favourite cousin. Not to mention, there are situations where these people cancel trips when their most loved cousin cannot make it. Doesn’t it sound so relatable? Well, the family vacation or trips can be much more rejoicing and fun-filled when we have our favourite cousins by our side. Admit it! The memories stay evergreen forever in the bottom of our hearts.


Hanging out with friends proffers much-needed relaxation. Similarly, having a cousin of the same age can be friendly and can be tagged along with so well. Hanging out with cousins infuses the same vibe we have with our friends. So, these people are more than a cousin, the dearest friends we gained from our family.


While friends are not only for fun, they are there for us at our bad times. Likewise, cousins of the same age are more like friends with whom we share our bad and sad things. Of course, we do have at least one cousin who is a friend and who knows the roller-coaster part of our life. However, sharing things can make our mind rejuvenate and boosts our mood for the day.

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