Healthy Veggies to Regrow from the Kitchen Leftovers

Veggies are the staple ingredients in our everyday routine as it would provide essential nutrients to our bodies. But then we might have thrown the huge portion of leftovers to the dustbin when we were done cooking. But why don’t we try propagating the scraps of the veggies and have a beautiful kitchen garden? Well, certain veggies and herbs would regrow easily in water and soil. So, let’s check out the following veggies to regrow from the kitchen leftovers.


While garlic is extremely helpful in aiding several health issues, you could use the clove of garlic to propagate so that you would get whole garlic. You could easily regrow garlic from a clove. This means you would get your own garlic at home.


When it comes to onions, they are an indispensable ingredient in almost every dish, especially in Indian cuisine. All you have to do is to take the leftover of the onion i.e. the top of the onion head and place it on the top of moist soil or in shallow water while making sure that the cut piece is above the water. While this might be one of the easiest ways, we have the onion root which when buried in the soil would help it grow. Every time, you watch it grow, it would be wondering how amazing nature is.


Sweet potatoes are loaded with rich nutrients and helps in weight loss. You could not avoid sweet potatoes as they are great counterparts for potatoes. How about regrowing sweet potatoes? Well, you could germinate sweet potatoes in water as the roots or slips would be ready for the kitchen garden. You would watch it grow while it makes a great indoor plant.


Being a root veggie, carrots are amazing for your eye health. The potassium and vitamin K-rich carrots could be cut on the top and place in the tray of water and you could watch them grow every day. What could it be more fun than having colourful veggies as indoor gardening plants?


The leftovers of beets could be a good idea for propagation. Like carrots, you have to place the cut surface of the beets in the little deep tray of water and watch them grow slowly. On the other hand, you could place the cut surface of beet in the soil when it comes to a longer harvest thing. So, these are some of the veggies to regrow from the Kitchen leftovers.

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