Lovely Ways to Celebrate V-day If you are in a Long-distance Relationship

It is difficult to maintain a long-distance relationship. Not because you don’t trust your partner, but because not being able to see them whenever you want is incredibly hard. Especially on Valentine’s Day. All of the couples you know will be planning to spend their V-Day in the most special way possible, leaving you alone to be sad. Even if you talk to your partner all day, nothing beats the intimacy and feelings you get when they are physically present with you. But don’t be concerned. You don’t have to cry on one of the most important days of your life.

Even if you are in a long-distance relationship, there are many ways for you and your significant other to make V-Day special. So stop being sad and start planning some of the activities we’ve listed below to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your partner.

Lovely Ways to Celebrate V-day in a Long-distance Relationship:
Plan a cameo video for your partner

If your partner has a crush on a certain celebrity, create a personalised cameo video of the celebrity to send to your partner. You can pay a celebrity to record a personalised message for your partner. Many celebrities offer free help and support to their fans in planning surprises like this. So start contacting them online or in-person to get a cameo video for your partner.

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Order a meal

Many long-distance couples have the habit of ordering food for each other online. All of the food delivery apps are useful if you want to surprise your partner by ordering some special food and having it delivered to their home. It could be their favourite meal, something they’ve been wanting to eat for a long time, or something else entirely. You should video call them while the food is being delivered to see how they react. Those are the only moments we need on Valentine’s Day.

Plan a movie date

Traditionally, you can watch a movie or show together by playing it at the same time. Alternatively, you can watch the movie on a variety of streaming sites such as Scener, Teleparty, and others. The disadvantage of all of these streaming sites is that you and your partner must have separate accounts for Netflix, Disney Play, and so on. If you use those streaming services, you will be unable to watch them together with a shared account.

Mail handwritten letters

Many people believe that handmade gifts are useless to the receiver. However, we disagree. Handmade is more personal and shows how much you care. Particularly handwritten letters. If you believe the same, you can write heartfelt letters to your partner who lives far away and send them to them. You’ll need to write and mail these letters at least a few days before V-Day to ensure they arrive on time. You can write about anything you want in the letters. What you’ve been up to, how much you miss them, how you felt when you both fell in love, and so on.

Plan a virtual dinner date

This is most likely what most long-distance couples intend to do on V-Day. And it’s one of the best things you can do with your partner. If you both can cook, call them and cook together virtually. You are not required to prepare the same foods. It would be preferable to interact and laugh with your partner while preparing dinner. After that, you can both dress up and go on a virtual dinner date.

Get some help from a friend to plan a surprise

If any of your friends live close to where your partner lives, ask them for assistance. You can ask your friend to pick up some beautiful flowers, a delicious breakfast or lunch, or a cup of coffee and drop by your partner’s house. They’ll be surprised to see how much thought you put into making the V-day special. The surprise does not have to be flowers or food. You can ask your friend to deliver whatever you want to surprise your partner with.

Plan to meet IRL

Whatever you do, seeing them on Valentine’s Day is always the best option. Ask that your partner make themselves available so that you can meet in person. You can go visit your partner, or they can come to you. Better yet, you two can meet somewhere more romantic. Perhaps a short vacation to enjoy a romantic Valentine’s Day? That is the idea we recommend the most.

And those are some lovely ways to celebrate V-Day when you’re in a long-distance relationship. How do you intend to spend Valentine’s Day with your partner? Let us know what you’re up to!

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