The Aphrodite Series: 2023 Edition

‘Tis the best of time! The Season of Love is here already and we cannot keep calm. Life and Trendz is back to give the daily dose of love under the collection – The Aphrodite Series. Well, we come across different types of people in our lives every day. Similarly, we fall for certain couples who lead healthy relationship over years and we may even wish them all the goodness in life. Apart from love, a healthy relationship also sees struggles, disputes and disagreements. But it does not succumb to any when it is strong like roots. Over the years, we, perhaps, learnt and seen a lot regarding love. We may even dream about a man or woman to whom we will nod a ‘yes’. It is okay to have dreams about your partners but it is not okay to hurt your significant other with those expectations and dreams. Accepting your partner as who they are, will strengthen your love in a relationship.

What will you read in the series?

February starts to spread its love-breeze. The month of love imparts every reason to celebrate your togetherness. Yes, Life and Trendz is back to bestow some amazing chapters of love. Last time, we had from Obama’s love story to Instagram couple influencers. As we type this, we may surprise your day with daily dose of love-read. We feed you with articles regarding love and healthy couples in whose dictionary there is no such word like – ‘break-up’. We assure you that these collection of articles under ‘The Aphrodite Series: 2023 Edition’ will be the best read of the month.

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