Tips to Manage Time from Today

Time management is essential in your life as everything depends on time. When you have to finish things on time, then you failed to do it at times or often. Have you ever thought about the reason behind it and why you could not complete it on time? Ever completed your work before deadlines? Most of you would never complete your work on or before the deadlines. All these questions have only one answer for you which you already might have figured out as “TIME MANAGEMENT”. Even though you found out the solution, you could sometimes never know how to work it out. So, here are some simple tips to manage the time.

Make Use of a Calendar:

This is one of the most important things that help you to manage your daily activities. You would have smartphones that have a calendar as part of it. You could schedule things on it and make it to remind it no matter wherever you are. So, try to use the calendar.

Never Forget About Deadlines:

Do mark your deadlines in your calendar and organizer which would then remind you when to finish which work. So, try to know your deadlines and act according to them.

Never Get Assigned to Extra Works:

You could be excellent at your work but you should never provide assurance or get assigned to more works than you could actually handle. So, you have to say no to certain works or make it a later option. So, you should never hesitate to say no to things.


If you are spending much time with your laptop and multi-tasking things, then you would get distracted by the uncountable tabs on your screen. So, you should have to close all the tabs and focus on one task at a time which would be effective than multi-tasking and not completing anything.

Avoid the Time Wasters:

Try to figure out what takes away your time. Well, most of you might have the habit of scrolling social media or checking messages. So, you could remove them from your browser or close all the tabs or switch off the mobile data and keep away your mobile phones. By doing so, you could avoid wasting your time and concentrate on your work.

Set a Time Limit:

Try to finish a task in an hour and the next one by the next hour and so on. Setting a time limit for each task would help you to complete the task within the time and help you to do other activities as well.

Place a Clock Visibly:

Although you have the time running on your screen, it would be better if you have a huge clock in front of you. It would help you to keep track and work on the time you have set to finish a particular task.

Take a Break:

When you sit in front of the screen all day, you have to take a break in-between the work. It is better if you have allotted time for yourself to take a break like 5 to 10 minutes which would help you to concentrate when you are back on your seat.

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