Why is Bus Travel Better Than Flights for Domestic Destinations?

Bus travel to local destinations is fairly common in India. However, many people in India travel by flight to destinations within their state simply because it feels so nice. They are unaware of how convenient, safe, and inexpensive bus travel is. So, in this post, we’ll look at some of the advantages of travelling by bus so you can book your first intercity bus tickets as soon as possible.

Why is bus travel better than flights for domestic destinations?
Bus tickets are less expensive

Despite the fact that plane tickets can now be purchased for absurdly cheap prices, there are more bus departures and discounts available more frequently. Tickets are usually 50% off, and also there are regular special offers for kids, students, as well as seniors. It becomes pretty clear why buses are the most economical choice when you consider how much money you will save compared to, say, taking a flight or driving and the associated gas, toll, and other expenses.

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They have both power outlets and wifi

Many bus companies have finally realised that free WiFi and power outlets are what long-distance travellers most frequently request. Apart from buses, there is no other mode of transportation that provides this advantage. You don’t have to worry about your battery dying, and if it becomes difficult for you to rest on the bus, simply connect to Wi-Fi and relax by watching a movie. Your phone will also be charged up and ready to take pictures when you finally get to your destination. Isn’t that just awesome?

There will be occasional stops or breaks

If you have trouble sitting still for extended periods of time, taking a long-range train or flight can be a problem. Yes, you can still make a quick trip to the restroom while travelling by train or plane but that’s pretty much it. Bus drivers will stop for a few brief and one longer (roughly 25 minutes) breaks while you are riding so you can stretch your legs, get a cup of coffee, and grab a quick meal. Additionally, using the restrooms at a petrol station, which are frequently cleaned by maintenance staff, is much simpler than trying to fit into the cramped toilets on planes or trains.

You don’t need to plan ahead of time

Tickets for trains and aeroplanes are typically reserved months in advance. Since tickets can increase in price by up to 10 times as the departure date approaches, people do this to get a nice deal. On the other hand, whether you want to purchase bus tickets a half year ahead of time or one day before the trip, the cost is generally the same. Making the decision to purchase a bus ticket is unquestionably something to do if you don’t have the luxury of planning a vacation that long in advance. In addition, if you need to change your travel dates, you can conveniently modify the reservation with the help of the customer care of the bus company.

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You may be dropped off at your precise location

How many times have you arrived at your destination only to discover that the city centre is a significant distance from the airport or railway station? You’ll probably spend even more money on a taxi than you had anticipated if your plane is in the evening. The advantage of bus stations, on the other hand, is that they are nearly always found in particular locations, making it much simpler to continue your journey from one. You are more likely to come across a nearby local auto to take you to your lounge or home. If you need to get somewhere close to the bus terminal, you could also walk.

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