International Day of Democracy 2021 – The Difference between Democratic and Non-democratic Countries

The term democracy directly means the liberty of the nation. When you say, a country is democratic, you mean that you are the people of a democratic country. There are several democratic countries around the world wherein the people of the nation can decide and vote for the government they wish for. With this simple introduction, let’s now get into the International Day of Democracy 2021. Dated back to September 15, 1997, the day was pronounced as International Day of Democracy by the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU). This day is actually based on the Universal Declaration on Democracy. Meanwhile, the thought of carving a democratic day was taken shape back in the year 1988. Later in 2007, 15th September was marked as International Day of Democracy by the United Nations General Assembly. It holds the sole purpose of enhancing and uplifting the principles of democracy and creates awareness as well. Continue reading to know the difference between democratic and non-democratic countries.


• When it comes to a democratic country, the citizens of the country can select their leader. On contrary, the people of a non-democratic country have not been given the choice of picking their leader.
• Regular elections will be conducted in democratic countries whereas there will not be any elections in non-democratic countries.
• The famous phrase by Abraham Lincoln about democracy goes as such – “Democracy is a government of the people, by the people and for the people”.
• Many democratic countries are doing justice to what the famous phrase meant whereas one cannot expect the same from the non-democratic nations.
• The democratic nations treat people equally and ditch discrimination whereas it may not be the same in the non-democratic nations.
On this International Day of Democracy 2021, we should be glad to be the citizens of democratic India. Taking a minute to appreciate the government for the good deeds and schemes provided by them on this day will let you know grateful are you to be a citizen of a democratic nation. So, celebrate the International Day of Democracy 2021 by creating awareness.

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