10 Hidden Places To Explore In Kullu Manali

Kullu Manali is a high-altitude resort town in the Himalayan region. It is a perfect honeymoon as well as a trekking place. Manali is such a scenic place present along the Beas river. This destination is filled with some of the most beautiful mountains and valleys. The place is also known for river rafting, paragliding, and mountaineering activities. Thus it is an ideal place for adventure, fun as well as peace.
The Beas Kund trek and the frozen waterfall in that region are busy tourist spots. Also, the Jogini falls and the Hadimba Devi temple are the most visited places in Kullu Manali. But here, we are going to look at some hidden places to explore in Kullu Manali. Scroll further to know about those hidden gems.

Sajla Waterfall Manali

The Sajla village is about 10 km from Kullu Manali. It is well-known for its cascading waterfall and the Vishnu temple. The 25 to 30 minutes travel from Manali to Sajla is an experience in itself. It’s like disappearing into the wild. This place is such an offbeat gem that is ideal for nature lovers. The Sajla waterfall and the nearby area are in a remote setting. The crystal-clear glacier water is undoubtedly worth a visit. Also, it is the perfect place to rejuvenate with a hot cup of tea and Maggi.


Malana is a high-altitude village near Kullu Manali. This charming village is tucked away amidst the lush greens of Parvati valley and Kullu valley. The place is about a 2 to 3 hours drive from Manali. About 2.5 hours separate Malana from Manali. But homestays are not available inside this village. Thus you can stay in Manali and spend a day here for recreation. It is also a perfect tourist destination for hikers, explorers, and nature lovers.


Patlikuhal is a haven of tranquility that offers a lovely visit. This location is not a well-known tourist attraction in India but can definitely provide an unforgettable experience. This place is again a 25 to 30 minutes drive from Manali. It is a small hidden destination with snowy ranges and lush green hills. Also, this is a must-visit place if you are looking for a refreshing break.

Soyal or Soil Village

Soyal or soil village is 40 minutes away from Manali. This place is also known as a camper’s paradise. It is such a scenic place where glacier water streams form a valley. With tall trees, pebble-flanked paths,s and echoes, this place is just perfect to pitch your tent. Remember that this might be a little challenging route to explore.

Vashisht Kund

Vashisht Kund near Manali is an old village with religious importance. The sulfurous hot springs in Vashisht Kund are well-known for their therapeutic and medicinal properties. It also has a stone temple honoring the famous Hindu sage Vashisht. This temple is a work of exquisite architecture. This serene place is located east of the river Beas.


Gulaba is a little settlement near Manali. It is on the route to Rohtang Pass. This charming place is surrounded by stunning snow-capped mountains, meadows, and the Beas river. Gulaba draws a sizable number of travelers seeking peace, adventure, and sports. You can go skiing, snowboarding, hiking, paragliding as well as trekking. Camps are also common here to enjoy the ethereal scenic beauty and the sunset.



Kheerganga is another place known for its hot springs. It is in the Parvati Valley region and is 97 km from Manali. Also, you must hike for around 11 kilometers to reach Kheerganga. This picturesque area is also ideal for trekking and camping. Nevertheless, the major tourist attraction here is the natural hot water springs.


Thanedar is about 196 km from Manali. This might be slightly a long journey from Manali but worth the visit. This beautiful place is filled with exotic cherry and apple orchards. Thanedar also exports apples and is quite nearby to Shimla. This place also has some delightful stay places.

Gadhan Thekchhokling Gompa

Gadhan Thekchhokling Gompa is a Buddhist pilgrimage place near Manali. located in Manali. It is one of the famous Tibetan settlements in India. This Buddhist monastery was built by Tibetan refugees in 1960. You can visit this place for its enchanting beauty and dazzling murals. Also, this is a perfect place to portray the rich traditions of Tibet.

Solang Valley

Solang Valley is about 14 kilometers from Manali. This landscape provides a stunning view of snow-covered Himalayan peaks and glaciers. It is also often known as Snow Point. This valley is at the very top of Kullu Valley. Moreover, it is a popular location for adventure activities like skiing, paragliding as well as parachute jumping.

Kullu Manali is always cool and snow-filled with an ideal temperature of 10 to 25℃. This scenic and adventurous place is often busiest during the summer. Thus the best time to visit Manali is between March and June.

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