5 Hidden Waterfalls In Goa To Explore

Goa is such a scenic place filled with many beautiful waterfalls. Most of us visit this place to witness the mighty Dudhdagar falls. But Goa also has many small and unexplored waterfalls situated in several regions. Some are hidden inside jungles while some are just on the roadsides. Here, let’s explore the top 5 hidden waterfalls in Goa. Thus while planning your Goa itinerary, keep these places in mind.

Harvalem Waterfalls

The Arvalem or Harvalem waterfall is located in the North Goa region. The gushing water and the cliffs are such a beautiful sight to see. Moreover, Harvalem flows amongst the green slopes in a densely forested area. The falls are at extreme peak during the monsoon season. This is due to the influx of rainwater. Thus it is one of the most graceful as well as majestic waterfalls in Goa.

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Bhupar Waterfalls

Another less explore and pristine waterfall is the Bhupar or The Guni Fond. This waterfall is located in Goadongrem (South Goa). The place is easily accessible as well as safe to explore. It is neither too rocky nor too dense like a jungle. Thus families with kids prefer this place. However, it is a seasonal waterfall and its water flow is primarily from the streams that pour from the highlands due to rainfall.

Shivling Falls

The Shivling or Pali waterfalls are a must-visit place for nature enthusiasts. Here, the terrain could be quite challenging to cover. Also, the waterfall is slightly difficult to locate at first. This untouched beauty is located in the North Goa district and you might need a guide or help to locate this one. This place is also linked to the Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary.

Bamanbudo Waterfalls

Bamanbudo Waterfalls

This waterfall is located in the South Goa region. The appearance of this waterfall is more like a waterslide than a waterfall. Bamanbudo can also be quite risky due to the presence of slippery rocks. But the heavy water flow cascading against the tranquil background of Amba Ghat is worth the worth. Also, this one is easy to reach as it’s just off the road. Given its ease of access, the waterfall is well-known among Goans. Thus expect some crowd.

Kakolem Beach and Waterfall

Kakolem is a hidden beach located in the South Goa region. This beach has a waterfall too! This serene beach is around 30 km from Margo and lies near the plateau edges. Thus you might need to walk down a bit to find this hidden waterfall. This less-explored paradise is quite secluded and can give you a lifetime’s worth of memories with your dear ones. It is also an ideal place for relaxing.

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