5 Kid-friendly Travel Destination: Holidays!

Holidays! When it comes to planning for a trip along with children, you should be careful in choosing the places where the children will be more excited. At times, it is difficult for the parents to travel with the kids. There are as many natural places to visit along with the children where they can be instilled with the natural breeze and peace. India has no dearth of destinations to choose yet child-friendly holiday destinations in India have to be set in the pleasant combination of fun, adventure, freshness, ease, and relaxation. And traveling with children has been engulfed with a unique kind of enjoyment as well as challenges. So, Let’s check out the amazing places for holidaying with children in India.


The name itself brings forth the vivid images of the Great Shiva Temple at Gokarna. Mahabaleshwar has a lot more to offer you than to see it and every child must like the chocolates. Like the movie ‘Charlie and Chocolate Factory’, your kids will also be having a great time at the famous chocolate factory in Mahabaleshwar. Additionally, The Mapro Gardens in Mahabaleshwar invites the children to run and they will be delightful to see strawberries and smooth grass under their feet. Further, the place offers you with Pony rides, boating and bingeing on fresh crush jams are some of the other common attractions over here. Thus, Mahabaleshwar stands out to be the perfect destination for a kid-friendly holiday trip.

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Encircled with the green nymphs, Ooty will provide you the flamboyant atmosphere. It is a hill station in the Nilgiris which is considered to be the favorite spot loved by the children. Specifically, it is loved for the home-made chocolates which are unique to the city. Other than this, several other resorts proffer adventure activities like The Honey Bee Museum, Botanical gardens, toy train and boat riders for making it a memorable trip. Yet kids might also attract towards Nilgiri Mountain Railway, Ooty Lake, Stone House, Government Rose Garden, and Chocolate Factory.



The Andaman and Nicobar islands welcome you with its bluish atmosphere along with the perfect combination of Nature, serenity, and adventure. This archipelago of 300 islands is situated in the Bay of Bengal and also known to be the home for only living tribes Paleolithic people and the Sentinelese people. The other popular things you could enjoy along with your children are Cellular jails which help us to travel back to the historical period. Deep-sea walking, snorkeling, scuba diving and playing other water sports are great experiences that kids will cherish for a lifetime.



Have you ever heard about Majuli? For most of us, it might be new to hear yet Majuli is located on the river Brahmaputra in Assam. Did you know Majuli is the largest river island in the world? Yes! It appears as if the overall view of earth which is the bluish-green atmosphere. Majuli is promisingly the best place for the nature-lovers as it is the home for many migratory birds. There are two important festivals in Majuli such as Ras Mahostav and Majuli Mahostav and these are the major crowd-pullers. Kids might be attracted to the Ygdrasil Bamboo Cottage, Circuit House, Auniati Satra Museum and Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalay.


At times, it is important to show your child the culture of India. And to have a glimpse of the culture of India and its fading glory, just visit Hampi. It is counted among as one of the World Heritage Sites. Children are deserved to witness this particular place which gravitates to several travelers all over the world. They might also enjoy Sunset Point, Monolithic Bull, Mathanga Hill, and Pampa Sarovar over here.

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