5 Scenic Roads of India You Should Hit Right Now

Although some would disagree, road trips are indeed the greatest part of the vacation. Well, it just has some drawbacks, including weather conditions, car issues, terrible roads, and a lack of supplies like food and first aid. We understand that road travels just aren’t for the faint of heart. However, if you have good company and know where you’re going, they can still be enjoyable.

The landscape of India is as diverse as they come, ranging from the Himalayas to the coastlines, from the huge plains of the centre of the country to the luscious green hills of the northeast, and driving across them can be both an exciting experience and a terrific life lesson. If you’re a road trip junkie like us, you should know about some of the best roads of India that you should explore if you haven’t already. And that’s what this post is about.

Scenic roads of India to explore:
Rameshwaram to Pamban Bridge

Rameshwaram to Pamban Bridge

Picture yourself crossing a bridge with the Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal, one on each side. That adventure seems remarkable, don’t you think? All the money you spend on petrol is worthwhile because of the Pamban Bridge, which links Rameshwaram Island to the Indian mainland. You can probably find nothing like the experience provided by the straight, level route anyplace else in the nation. It is without a doubt one of the roads of India because it is surrounded on all sides by a beautiful ocean.

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Mumbai to Pune Expressway

The Mumbai-Pune Expressway is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful roads of India and one of the smoothest routes available. The magnificent ghats and motorways only enhance the experience of a great road trip voyage when combined with some hyped-up excitement that the road gets to instil in you. There are tolls at the start and the ending of the 87 kilometres. To have all the time of your life on the expressway in India, make sure to set a few dollars aside to pay the toll collector.

Chennai to Pondicherry

Chennai to Pondicherry

The Chennai-Pondicherry Expressway, often known as the East Coast Road, is yet another man-made wonder that should be travelled. This route gives the perfect road journey in India for the savvy traveller. Absolutely a beautiful track, the great road upkeep is topped with a picturesque setting. In fact, the setting appears to have been lifted directly from the Pacific Coast video game Road Rash thanks to the road that runs next to the Bay of Bengal. It truly is that wonderful and you will realise it once you see it.

Shillong to Cherrapunjee

The Shillong and Cherrapunjee detour route is a wonderful addition to the list of gorgeous roads of India from the northeast travel chronicles. You’ll notice how well the foggy fog envelops your car as you travel these routes. The moment is too beautiful, dangerous, and mysterious. You wouldn’t have to worry about extending the enticing attraction of the hills with their foggy pathways because the distance is only 55 kilometres.

Manali to Leh

The route from Manali to Leh, one of the most popular routes for road trips, will leave you speechless with its allure and tranquillity. A lot of motorcyclists, motorcycle lovers, and petrolheads decide to go from Manali to Leh since the road is too appealing to skip. The stunning 479 km long Indian road is only accessible to the general public for three to four months every year due to excessive snowfall. Therefore, if you ever do decide to go down this road, careful planning may be required to prevent problems.

What are some of your favourite roads of India that to travel whenever you decide on a road trip? Let us know!

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