5 Unique “Hangout With Friends” Places in Chennai

Hangout with friends is just as fun as trips with your best friends. It may be just a cup of coffee or a walk along the beachside to spend some time. Earning good friends are not easier but once you did you are the wealthiest person. The only person in the world who knows all your damn secrets of yours is your best friend forever (BFF). Sometimes, all we need is a few minutes to hang out with friends that unwind our minds. Googling some random places near you and checking out with a map are the major things when it comes to hangouts. When in Chennai with friends, hangouts happen often. You just cannot help it from happening. So, we are here at 5 unique “Hangout with friends” places in Chennai. Add the following 5 unique “Hangout with friends” places in Chennai to your list so that it, perhaps, be helpful. Read on. . .


The captivating name of the place drags the people in. The cosy place can be your rescuer for the weekend. If you wish for a steaming cup of coffee, luscious pancakes, and some quality time with your buddy, this place is the perfect one. Filled with wooden furniture, wall art, colourful books, and plants, Writer’s café is an absolute place to hang out. Most importantly, the place is extremely serene as no loudness is permitted. Even people come here to work and some may even read books along with the yumminess. Well, you got to take your friend if he or she is artsy.

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If you just want to have a mall visit with your friend, then Grand Square is all yours to spend your weekend. The huge Grand Square Mall bestows the best shopping experience, movie-popcorn experience and binge-eating experience with your friends. Window shopping and chill? Well, that’s good too! What are friends for? Roaming all over the mall with your best friend after a post-movie is just as awesome as the movie itself.


Thinking what’s there in Pondy Bazaar? Well, the place has got everything for the “Hangout with friends” thing. Evenings are a great time to spend at Pondy Bazaar as the place is designed with a wide pedestrian path and lots of stores to jump into. The stone bench, the tree canopy, the shops, and the lamps, the capture of cool photos and reels and the serenity amidst the bustling horns make Pondy Bazaar worth a hangout. You can sit on the colourful stone benches, and have some talks along with snacks and drinks. The place offers the best hangout with your best friend of all time.


Being popular among youngsters, Amethyst brings the real wilderness vibe. The lush place holds an awestruck view for the visitors to beautiful and relaxing time over here. Taking your friend is the perfect idea you may ever come across. It even includes gardens and verandas where you can dive into your world of coffee and life talks. You can even be surprised to see a clothing boutique and a flower shop associated with the café shop. How about into the wilderness with your gang?


If you and your groupies are into nightlife and parties, then we are here with a better suggestion – Alwarpet’s Gatsby 2008. The most party happening place, or say, a club in Chennai. The club is infused with an electrifying dance floor and neon-coloured lights everywhere. The crowd comes alive here along with which you and your friends can enjoy delectable drinks and luscious snacks. With New Year fast approaching, you can plan for a great night of celebration over here.

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