6 Off-road Places to Explore in Tamil Nadu

Summer has arrived, and there is no better time than now to hit the road and discover off-road places with your companions. If you’ve been thinking about visiting a new place with your friends or family, we’ve got you covered. This post is designed for those who live in Tamil Nadu or just want to visit the state. So, may we have a look at some of the top off-road places in Tamil Nadu?

Best off-road places to explore in Tamil Nadu:

For wildlife and photography enthusiasts, Kotagiri is one of the best spots to see during the summer. It is a small town in the famed hill station of Ooty, and you might spend all day just admiring the surroundings. The prominent Kodanad vista point is the ideal site to see while staying in Kotagiri. Although December and February are the ideal months to visit Kotagiri, you may still take a short trip during the summer to escape the heat.

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Pollachi boasts some of the nicest routes for a memorable road trip. The majority of the roads leading to Pollachi will be lined with greenish trees that will provide shade all the way. The organic items you get to try are the nicest part of Pollachi. There are also several tourist attractions to visit with your family and friends, such as the Anamalai Wildlife Sanctuary and the Parambikulam Dam.


Sirumalai is a popular off-road destination for Tamil Nadu residents throughout the year. The months of August through March are the most popular for exploring this magnificent location. However, as previously stated, you can still visit Sirumalai throughout the summer for a brief break from your daily routine. With a spectacular perspective of the location, you can explore a diverse range of flora and wildlife. During your road trip, you can stop at Sirumalai Lake for some fun boating.


There is a reason why Dhanushkodi is known as the “Ghost Town of Tamil Nadu.” It’s possible you’ve heard or read about it in your academic literature. Because of the Rameswaram cyclone in 1964, Dhanushkodi is now an abandoned town. Following the catastrophic event, the entire town was wiped away, and some of the population were even immersed underwater.

However, there is no need to abandon this tourist attraction now. Many people enjoy visiting the town’s ruins and seeing the Erosion Point. And, in case you didn’t know, Dhanushkodi is the boundary between India and Sri Lanka, so don’t be startled if your smartphone suddenly switches to a Sri Lankan network.


Theni is a picturesque and renowned tourist destination in Tamil Nadu, known primarily for its Pongal celebrations. It is a major trading centre for natural resources such as chilli, garlic, grapes, and so on. Throughout the year, residents enjoy visiting the Kumbakarai falls with their families. You can also go to Kurangani with your pals for a wonderful trekking adventure. Another thing you should do while in Theni is to go to the Megamalai. Paccha Kumachi is the local name for this High Wavy Mountain, it is nearly constantly covered in clouds.

Javadi Hills

Unlike the other locations mentioned, Javadi Hills is a little-known gem in Tamil Nadu. You can see several gorgeous waterfalls and hills in the area. It is also known as the Ooty of Vellore. Because Javadi Hills isn’t well-known, you’ll have no trouble finding peace and quiet during your vacation. You can get some decent rates on accommodations, and there are numerous photographic opportunities in this area.

Which places in Tamil Nadu are you adding to your summer vacation bucket list? Please let us know!

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