Dive into the Premium ‘Green Carpet Experience’ with Signature Club Resort

Nestled in Karnataka’s Devanahalli, the luxury Signature Club Resort welcomes the visitors to rest on its verdant lap. The latest unit of Brigade Hospitality is part of the massive township called Brigade Orchard. Located only 15 minutes from the Airport, Signature Club Resort embraces the guests with its lush green ambience. From eclectic rooms to array of sports, it offers the best for its visitors. Irrespective of the distance you travelled, it is all worth it if you choose Signature to be your ideal destination for Wedding or Holistay.

This luxurious resort is designed based on a traditional Mangalorean home which makes you feel home away from home. Having mentioned that, the authentic rooms comprehend balconies to sit and relax amid the lush green surroundings. Signature Club Resort ensures you to enjoy the serenity of Bangalore city.

The luxurious rooms of Signature Club Resort

The captivating resort incorporates the best environment with elite amenities. Ranging from banqueting rooms to relaxing spa to large rooms with beautiful views, the resort has it all. To the delight, Signature does offer Lifestyle Club Membership which includes plethora of amenities. The offerings you experience here, perhaps, makes your body to be pampered and relaxed. For which, Your body will thank you later.

Not only does this premium resort proffer authentic rooms, but also includes excellent culinary masterpieces. Be it quintessential breakfast or brunch or luscious lunch or delectable dinner, Signature Club Resort serves the finest food choices from its multi-cuisine restaurant.

Signature Club Resort

Speaking of breakfast, the blithesome view and the palatable spread including the distinct tastes of South Indian cuisine, purvey the perfect dining experience.

Exploring the food varieties does not stop here but it extends. Do not be surprised! Signature provides a sublime lounge bar ambience. The bar menu allows you to discover some super delicious food options from lip-smacking sides to satiating main courses. The food options pair well with the drink menu which the bar offers.

Signature Club Resort

It does include a small terrace bar space as well. And this is the perfect unwind you can ever imagine and make it a reality with Signature Club Resort!

How about having a relax dive? We are not telling about the resort’s spa and salon. This alluring resort incorporates pristine swimming pool. The indoor swimming pool provides a rapturous experience for the guests. Make sure to get the most out of it as it is extremely relaxing and rejuvenating. After all, giving your body a complete workout is worth it while on staycation.

Swimming Pool at Signature Club Resort

Speaking of physical exercise, the resort’s amenities present fully-equipped gymnasium, and a yoga space in terrace. Apart from these, the array of sports includes Table Tennis, Badminton, Billiards, Squash and more. With plethora of facilities, the staffs of the resort offer best services and ensure to make your stay special.

Last but not the least, we are coming to the major inclusion of the lavish resort. Banqueting facility of Signature Club Resort serves as the perfect wedding venue and the best for any social gathering. Wedding in the mid of the dense surrounding, gifts the lifetime of memories. From taking your vows together to treating your guests with satiating delights, it will all be worth it. Signature makes them happen for you!

Wedding Venue

Certainly, the pleasant weather of bustling Bangalore city is an added enhancement of this luxurious resort. To sum up, Signature Club Resort proffers a remarkable experience as you find it hard to leave the place. Notably, the resort has got plenty of trees which is a major beauty of the same. Get ready to embrace the premium ‘Green Carpet Experience’ with Signature from Brigade Orchards!

To know more: https://signatureclubresort.com/

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