Here’s How to Plan Your Weekend Travel at ECR

ECR is renowned for its immaculate beaches, backwaters, and picturesque settings that draw outdoor enthusiasts and adventure seekers. Particularly the beaches are well-known for their spotless sands and peaceful atmosphere. So it makes perfect sense that city dwellers would want to travel to spend their weekends in a beautiful location like ECR. Furthermore, the area is home to numerous other things, including luxurious accommodations and sporting events. Many resorts and spas in ECR provide a vacation from the busy city life by providing a variety of rejuvenation and relaxing therapies. ECR is a great area to relax and refuel due to its serene surroundings. So, if you’re seeking to plan the perfect weekend travel at ECR, keep reading!

Here’s how to plan the perfect weekend trip to ECR:

Make an itinerary: Prior to planning your trip, choose the ECR locations you want to visit. Keep in consideration the distance and time required to get from one place to another. Next, allot adequate time to investigate each location.

Choose a place to stay: From luxurious resorts to guesthouses that are affordable, ECR offers a variety of lodging alternatives. Make a reservation ahead of time to avoid last-minute trouble and pick a location that meets your interests and budget.

Get some transport: Make sure your car is ready for a long-distance trip if you intend to drive it. As an alternative, you might rent a self-drive vehicle or a cab. The most effective method of transportation in ECR may not be using public transportation like buses and trains.

Pack appropriately: ECR can get rather warm and muggy. So remember to bring hats, sunscreen, and lightweight, casual clothes. Remember to bring along necessities like a first aid kit, bottles of water, and snacks.

Make a schedule for your food stops: A variety of cuisines, from regional seafood to foreign fare, are available at the many restaurants and cafes that dot the ECR. Consider trying some regional specialities as you make your prior plans for meals.

Be open-minded: Having a plan is a good thing, but it’s also crucial to be adaptable and receptive to new experiences. ECR has a number of undiscovered jewels that are worth seeing even if they aren’t on your schedule.

Best places to visit on weekends at ECR:
Cholamandal Artists’ Village

Cholamandal Artists’ Village

Cholamandal Artists’ Village should be your first stop when travelling through ECR if you enjoy art and paintings. Visit this location if you want to learn about and appreciate the artistic creations of Tamil Nadu and Chennai locals. It educates you about the modern art in the area. The Madras Movement of Art, which was started by its founders during the 1950s and 1980s, was established in 1966. The entrance charge to this village is only Rs. 20. The creative richness of this area can be appreciated as you stroll along the gallery’s halls. Even better, you can make purchases in the book and craft store.

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VGP Marine Kingdom

The VGP company offers a number of leisure facilities along the length of ECR. There are resorts, water parks, and amusement parks available. The VGP Marine Kingdom has most recently been added to this list. It’s quickly becoming a go-to weekend spot for Chennai. The initial and largest walk-through aquarium in India, Marine Kingdom is home to a variety of aquatic creatures, small and huge. You may enjoy diving at the Marina Kingdom in addition to admiring the vivid fish and other aquatic life. This is provided, of course, along with some prior education. You may spend a day having fun and being entertained at the Marine Kingdom for Rs. 650.

Iskcon Temple

The Iskcon is a global religious organisation dedicated to Lord Sri Krishna. One of the largest temples dedicated to the deity in Chennai is the Iskcon temple in ECR. It is also among the largest Iskcon temples in the entire globe. Due to its serene and holy atmosphere, visiting a temple is restorative. You can also go to the nearby, smaller Matsya Narayana Temple next to this temple. The Chinmaya Mission maintains the Matsya Narayana temple, which was recently dedicated. In order to give guests to the temple a tranquil and relaxing experience, there is a rigorous no-sound restriction. The temple, which lies by the beach’s edge, is the ideal location to meditate after a hard day.

MGM Dizzee World

MGM Dizzee World

What could be more enjoyable than visiting an amusement park for the day with loved ones or friends? The rush of energy that we all desire can be found in amusement parks. You also lose track of your concerns and issues because of the excitement and fun. If you enjoy amusement parks, MGM Dizzee World is the spot for you! The park offers activities for people of every age. The park has a tonne of kid-friendly attractions spread out all over it, along with additional family-friendly activities. A snack court is also available if you become hungry after the rides to re-energize you before going on further rides.

Reasons why everyone should visit ECR during weekends:

Cultural and historical relevance: A number of historic sites, including rock-cut caves and ancient temples, can be found in ECR. They highlight South India’s extensive history and culture. For history buffs, notable locations include Mahabalipuram and Dakshina Chitra.

Cuisine and food: International and regional cuisines are available at ECR, as well as a variety of local seafood. ECR is a seafood lover’s delight due to its coastal setting, with a wide variety of restaurants serving up fresh, delectable seafood.

Adventure sports: ECR is a well-liked vacation spot for thrill-seekers. Because it provides a variety of thrilling excursions like water sports, hiking, cycling, and more.

Rejuvenation and tranquility: A break from the busy city life is provided by a variety of rejuvenations. There are a lot of relaxation therapies offered by several hotels and spas in ECR. ECR is a great spot to relax and refresh because of its tranquil surroundings.

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