Inconceivable! The God Who Drinks Jaggery Water With A Gargling Sound


Inconceivable! God who drinks Jaggery Water (Panakam)offered by devotees!

An audible gargling sound is clear when the priest pours jaggery water into the wide mouth of the Lord.

There is no trace of a single ant near the Lord as well as the temple premise.

Can you believe it? But here is divinely placed Lord Narasimha who drinks Panakam or jaggery water when you offer it. Perhaps, during our childhood days, we could have believed that God would consume all the prasad that the devotees offer to Him. Or we could have asked our elders whether God would all these food items offered for Him, right? Even in the present day, children would ask the same questions to us and we could have some readymade answers to satisfy them. But what happens when you witness God drinking the palm jaggery water offered by you? Would you be speechless? Or what would your reaction be?

Located at Mangalagiri which literally means The Auspicious Hill (that is 13 kilometers away from Vijayawada), this cave temple is where the Panaka Narasimha Swamy seemed to be spiritually placed. Naturally located amidst the hills, the temple is thronged by the devotees often. A stairway leads you to the small cave temple on the hill and you could never expect any archa vigraham or idols of God. However, you could find the Lord with a wide-open mouth which about 15cms in height. Yet it is covered with a metal face of God to give the impression of the Lord to the devotees.

The unimaginable thing to notice in the temple is when the priests offer Panakam or jaggery water with a conch to the Lord, there would be an audible gurgling sound. Meanwhile, the sound becomes shriller and shriller ever when the jaggery water is offered further by the devotees. Another interesting thing to note is only half the quantity of water goes in whereas the remaining would be splashed out and that is provided as prasad to others. It would occur the whole day when the devotees come to offer the panakam and not only once in a day. There is a legend or myth behind the offering of the jaggery water to the Lord. It is believed that the hill was once naturally a volcano and the sugar or jaggery water is said to counteract the sulphur compounds found in a volcano and thus averts a volcanic eruption.

This amazing temple would be opened till afternoon along with the belief that devatas would perform their pujas in the night. There is also a temple of Sri Lakshmi Devi who is the consort of Lord Narasimha Swamy. Here is yet another thing to notice, you could never spot a single ant near the Lord or even around the temple. Isn’t it astonishing? Despite offering jaggery water, there is no trace of an ant at the temple premise. Due to the offering of panakam or palm jaggery is mystifying and peculiar as well, the Lord here famously known as Lord Panakala Narasimhaswamy. The timings of the temple Panakala Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy is between 7 AM and 3 PM.

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