Mawlynnong: Asia’s “The Cleanest Village”

Have a serene walk at God’s Own Garden! Mawlynnong was awarded the title of the cleanest village in Asia by Discover India in 2003. The cleanest village is also known as God’s Own Garden and is literally the same. This village has achieved a lot other than cleanliness such as a cent per cent literacy rate and a women empowerment scenario. Meanwhile, such things will only be a dream to the rest of the world. If your soul is craving to inhale natural beauty and needs an eye-opener experience, just choose this exuberant small village. Are you looking for the best time to soak your soul in this lively village? The weather at this place is a gratifying one throughout the year yet the best time to visit the place is Monsoon. It is because, during the rainy season, the picturesque village turns out green. An idyllic scene of God’s Own Garden impels serenity with its every drop of rain. The festival time is also the best time for you to visit the cleanest place and the festivals are listed as Behdiekhlam in July, Wangala between September to December and Nongkrem Dance Festival in October to November.

This will assure you of easy-peasy travel and it is very good to travel because of its cleanest paths. Most people will seek reasons to travel to a place but most of them will be attracted to the pictures of the places and the places speak to them in many ways and thus, it gets the people to their place straight. At times, some places may drive curiosity to explore a place. But why not try exploring this cleanest village? Like its name, the place itself is unique and you will get a tremendous awe-inspiring feel.

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True to the proverb Mawlynnong houses have functional toilets, there are bamboo dustbins where the dead leaves fall straight to the dustbin and plastic bags. Smoking is prohibited. People living here not only clean their homes but also come out to clean the roads and use them to plant trees. And this cleanest village in Asia is inhabited by the Khasi tribe, which is a famous tribe that has left behind the patriarchal rule of the society. Here, the children of the family get their mother’s name. Green Paradise on the earth!

Greenery-filled atmosphere wherever you turn, you will be instilled with toxin-free air. The Living Root Bridges will be breathing amidst the green nymphs and is situated in Mawlynnong. It is declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The root bridge hangs over the river and is connected by the aerial roots of one huge rubber tree to one.

There are as many places to see in Mawlynnong as the Sky View is a vantage and the famous attraction place of Mawlynnong village. This particular viewing bridge is about 85 feet high and is built with bamboo and at the top of it, you will be enjoying an awe-struck view of how nature has blessed us abundantly. The quietness of the jungle is broken by the gushing sound of Mawlynnong waterfalls.

And this upstanding village is one of the best places to be visited and you may enjoy the perfect picnic with your favourite people. The charming atmosphere of the village provides you with green memories. Probably, this turns out to be one of the most-loved villages in Asia.
Inhale toxin-free air in the cleanest place!

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