Have a Quick Exploration of Auli!

  • Known for one of the world’s famous and highest man-made lakes.
  • Popular for the second-longest and highest cable car in Asia.
Ever been to Auli? If not, then you have to be here at least once in your lifetime. Situated in the Garwhal region of Uttarkhand in India, Auli is a charming hill station that derived its name from the characteristics of its topography. The name Auli literally means meadows and you could now visualize how beautiful the meadows could be. Being rich in natural resources, the heavenly place would proffer you amazing landscape of the hills. Since it is located at a height of 9000 ft, Auli would offer you pleasant views of encircling Himalayan peaks. Did you know Auli is the skiing capital of India? Well, you could get the most amazing experience of skiing over here. As of now, you might have collected a few amazing pieces of information about this stupendous place. And if you wish to know more about it in detail, just continue to read.
Aforementioned, Auli is known to be one of the world’s best skiing destinations which offers an excellent experience of skiing on the high slopes which has been about an altitude of 3 km along with a hair-raising and thrilling windy atmosphere. You could also go skiing at this place even if you are a novice. So, you could already decide to be during winters but then the man-made lake over here would help the tourists to indulge and enjoy snow skiing throughout the year.
The Artificial Lake of Auli:
Auli stands with much pride as it holds one of the famous and highest man-made lakes in the world. The government constructed it to proffer for snow when the snowfall is meager in quantity. It would provide you an eye feast with the blissful idyllic scenery. Regardless of the seasons, the surroundings of the area of the lake would never ​fail to disclose its true beauty to the visitors. You could watch the sunset right from the lake where it would go down the lakes. So, never miss being here.
Ropeway Ride:
Like snow skiing, Ropeway Ride is one of the most thrilling activities you could experience in Auli. Yet again Auli stands high as the ropeway ride over here is the second-longest and highest cable car rise in Asia right after Gulmarg. This amusing cable car ride is from Auli GMVN Clifftop to Joshimath where you could get the beatific views of Nanda Devi peak and Sanjivani Parvat. The enchanting ride would also calm your eyes with the enthralling a bird’s eye view of flora and fauna of the Nanda Devi and dreamy Himalayan ranges as well as the landscape right below drags your soul.
Kwani Bugyal Trekking:
If you are a hiking junkie, then you might definitely search for trekking opportunities over here in Auli. Well, Auli would never disappoint you at this place as it proffers a trek from Joshimath to Kwani Bugyal. This hiking destination locates at an elevation of about 3380 meters above sea level. It would also welcome the novice ones and enjoy the majestic views of Nanda Devi and Dunagiri mountain ranges from Kwani Bugyal. The perfect time to trek here would be between June and September.
The Food Tour:
Your tour or vacation would never be complete if you miss the taste of local cuisine. So, go for a food tour in Auli as it has several delicious dishes to serve you. The heavenly Auli is popular for its palatable Garhwali cuisine where it would present a variety of dals, leafy veggies, and rice. However, Auli’s traditional meat dish is the Kachmauli which is nothing but the stuffed goat seasoned along with mustard oil, chilly, and turmeric. You would find lots and lots of restaurants to taste the deliciousness of Auli.

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