The Huge Blooming Flower That Smells Like A Dead Body


Rafflesia – The Huge Blooming Flower!

Flowers – The name itself sounds good and our brain must visualize the amazingly flamboyant flowers immediately. There are wide varieties of flowers where you could enjoy it by having a blissful gaze. So, there are flowers that look good or smell good, some are edible or medicinal, there are some unusual flowers and here is once such flower which said to be the largest blooming flower in the world, Rafflesia. All the members of the genus Rafflesia produce the massive flowers and it is ultimately not a shock if the smallest are the size of dinner plates. It can grow to be 3 feet across and weigh up to 15 pounds.

Places such as the Philippines, Malay Peninsula, islands of Java, Sumatra, and Borneo, where Rafflesia grows and run through the floors of rainforest and is celebrated at these places of the world. The flower is one of the three national flowers in Indonesia whereas, in southeast Asia, it is believed to have some medicinal powers.

Being mysteriously captivating, the huge flower naturally attracts a smaller group of visitors. Without roots, shoots, stems or leaves, this parasitic plant cannot envisage until it is ready to bloom. The buds flare-up without any cue from an infected host vine and swell slowly over months to the size of the cabbages. When it blooms to the fullest, each bud’s central floral chamber which is orb-shaped, with its circular opening at the central top, totally resembles the planetarium.

With 28 species, this parasitic flowering plant is also called a Monster flowering plant. It gives an impression of disgust when you look at it as the flower has the appearance of massiveness with its natural petals embedded with small bulges. Perhaps, it is because of this appearance people might get a different obnoxious feel. And people must have been generally visualizing the flowers as smaller in size with good smell. This general thinking must make them feel disgusting when they see Rafflesia for the first time. But when you see this flower in the rain forest, it definitely provides a frightening disgust because of the surroundings. Yet it is one of the rarest happening plants of the world which will be good to be witnessed.

As so many species of the plant are disappearing, some efforts and laws have been introduced to product one of the largest and rarest flowers of the universe.  Though it looks like a monstrous flowering plant, it is God’s creation that is sparse in the universe and we have to protect the flora and fauna of our planet.

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