5 Most Unbelievable Ways To Turn A Warm Hug Into An Intimate Time


How To Hug a Guy to turn him on. The way you hug could spike up his mood!

Give a crazy hug for your man associated with your love!

See how your man reciprocates steamily for your magical hug.

Girls! You might think about how a hug could turn a man’s mood. But hug has the magical power to do so. It could even stick persons together for a longer time which would enhance the love between them. Ladies! You should never say no to this whereas you gotta learn how to hug your man to turn him on. Naturally, men love to be touched by their lady love and this is where hug plays a major role as men love to be hugged. Though it is a comforting thing, it makes people come close physically. In order to turn on your man, you have to master the art of hugging through which you could seduce your man.

MAKE AN INITIATIVE MOVE: When it comes to initiation move, you want him so badly and hug him the very moment. When you hug him often, the hug itself makes a lead for further contact. This amazing move would make him feel wanted and makes him lose his mind at the very moment.

THE MORE BODY CONTACT: With the most body surface contact, you could make the hug most steaming one. This is not the hug you give to your male friends where your upper body slips away from your friends. The hug you give your man would be more amazing when you throw your whole body over him. When he feels the entire you over him, he would easily be turned on.

CARESS HIS NECK WITH YOUR HANDS: Ladies! This is one kinky way you would make him want you. Naturally, men get this untold super steamy-energy when women place their hands around their neck while giving a hug. This is extremely an act of intimacy and makes a way for a kiss. Believe it or not, the wrapping of his neck with your hands makes him damn hot-blooded for the moment.

EXPRESS YOUR COMFORT: Well, a guy would never reciprocate even if the girl initiates the hug. Men would still stand stiff without reacting to the hug just to avoid the further idea of getting closer which might provide the women a wrong idea. So, you should show him that you are comfortable with physical contact to help him feel comfortable too. You have to show him that you are comfortable with his hug. You just express it through your action of rubbing his back or caressing his hair or neck or talking to him while you give a hug. This would definitely make your man turn on.

HAVE AN EYE CONTACT WITH A LOVELY SMILE: When you are departing from your physical contact through a hug, you just maintain eye contact with your man associated with a lovely smile. This would work in its way because he might grab you again for a sweet romantic hug and paves way for further actions. Even he might take a lead this time, isn’t it sound romantic?

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