5 Rapid Growing Companies That Saw 100 Store Milestone Just Under A Decade


5 rapid growing companies that saw 100 store milestone under a decade

Tata Starbucks: Tata Starbucks, a 50:50 joint venture between Seattle-based coffee store chain Starbucks and Tata Global Beverages, completed its 100th store in India in Mumbai in 2017. The brand opened its first store in India in 2012 in Mumbai’s Horniman Circle and under a decade, the coffee chain – the most frequented retailer in the world – has opened stores in Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi NCR and Bangalore. The US is the largest market for company, followed by Canada, China, Japan and UK.  It operates in 28,000 stores across 75 markets in the world. In India, it now has 100 stores spread across six cities.

Miniso: The company has been operating in India for the last two years and has shown a rampant growth in terms of establishing its presence across the entirety of the Indian geography. The Japanese designer lifestyle brand MINISO, announced and celebrated the achievement of the breakthrough 100 stores in India in the year 2019. The brand currently has 106 stores across 43 + Indian cities. Owing to the splendid response towards its products, it has continued to add newer categories to its portfolio – manufacturing some in India itself. The brand has also forged partnerships with key global IP’s like Marvel, Cartoon Network, Pink Panther, and We Bear Bare, etc. to further enhance brand recognition in the market. These strategic collaborations have been undertaken by the brand to accelerate a holistic image up-gradation of MINISO products globally.

1-India Family Mart: Proceeding towards its vision of meeting the fashion aspirations of small towns in India, 1-India Family Mart, records the fastest growth in value retail chain segment, completed  100 stores in a span of six years. Empowering Tier-3 & tier-4 Indian markets, the brand owned by Nysaa Retail has launched its 100th store in Bihar. 1-India Family Mart has been providing fashionable, stylish & affordable apparel and lifestyle accessories to most cities in the country. What started with just 4 stores in its first year of establishment in UP’s Ghazipur and Fatehpur district is now spread across 90+ cities in Eastern and Northern India with an intention to provide affordable fashion to the lower-income consumer group whose average monthly take-home is between INR 5,000 to INR 25,000.

Crocs: As part of its aggressive expansion strategy in the Indian sub-continent, Crocs India opened its 100th store at Chennai. Since the opening of its first store in India in 2008, Crocs has grown at a robust pace establishing its presence across 50 cities in India. India is currently the 6th biggest market for Crocs globally with a high double-digit growth year on year and is progressing towards becoming India’s top non-athletic casual footwear brand. Other than its EBOs, Crocs asserts its presence in MBO channels through which its overall offline reach extends to more than 150 cities via over 1500 points-of-sale. Additionally, it caters to 20000+ pin codes translating to 400 cities via its e-commerce presence.

Hamleys: Hamleys entered Indian in 2010 with its first store at High Street Phoenix Mumbai and is currently the largest toy retailer in India with 100 stores in 36 cities. Currently, the Reliance-owned Hamleys operate 190 outlets globally and more than half of them are in India. Every year for more than 3 million families visit to one of the 100 Hamleys store in India.  Reliance Retail’s marquee label operator Reliance Brands was the India master franchisee for Hamleys, which reputedly has its origins in the world’s oldest toy store in London that was opened in 1881.

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